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Positive Pressure Audio releases Smarter Humanize Script for Logic Pro X

Positive Pressure Audio

Positive Pressure Audio has just released the Smarter Humanize Script for Logic Pro X for $4.99.

Smarter Humanize is humanizer script that gives the user deep control of what, where, and when to humanize MIDI notes.

Without Smarter Humanize, the humanizing process in Logic's piano roll treats all notes the same and applies a broad "randomness" to notes. But, musicians treat each note differently and the "human" element isn't totally random, it's more like organized chaos. For example, even mediocre players can find the downbeat most of the time, even if they play fast notes out of time. Logic Pro's humanize function treats the downbeat the same as the notes in the middle of a fast run of sixteenths. That's why Positive Pressure came up with Smarter Humanize.

Smarter Humanize looks at the position of the notes in a bar and lets the user choose how much: delay, randomization, velocity boost or reduction, and velocity randomization to apply to each beat and subdivision.

So, for example, the user can keep the downbeat in time, add a little bit of random time delay to the quarter notes, a little more to the eighths and a whole bunch to the sixteenths.

Smarter Humanize also has a robust velocity section that can add character to MIDI notes, increasing or decreasing the MIDI velocity, and adding randomization independently to the downbeat, quarters, eighths, and sixteenths. It can create tremolo-like fast sixteenths for strings where the beat is loudest, and the sixteenths are quieter to emulate the difference in up and down bows, for example.

Currently only for Logic Pro X, though Positive Pressure is working on a plugin version too. Anyone that buys the Logic version will get a free copy of the plugin when its available.

The current version is optimized for 4/4, though other time signatures are in development.

Price: $4.99 at positivepressureaudio.com/smarterhumanize

Watch: YouTube.com/watch?v=OQVGXqpz-9k



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