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Psycle v1.66 released


Psycle tracker was updated to v1.66 a couple of weeks ago:
  • New graphics for machines.
  • New colours - You can now choose between 3 new colour themes with a combo box in the options menu.
  • Elapsed playtime in status bar.
  • Sequencer improved.
  • Pattern editor now hides the "0000" value in effects column.
  • New effect : NoiseGater
  • Improved VST host:
    • Now saves the program number
    • VST host correctly does 'idle' calls to VST's.
    • VST host now replies to "GetParameterQuantization".
    • Fixed several problems with VST's and presets.
    • This extends the list of VSTis working correctly in Psycle (examples are Triangle II, Vivaldi, Ganymed, AbSynth....).
  • Loading songs with machines outside of the screen moves them to a visible area.
  • Wav loading routines now use RIFF loader, this allows to see SoundForge's loops settings.


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