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Psycle v1.10.1 Released


The official version of Psycle 1.10.1 has been released. Like with the previous version, there are two installers, one for the 32-bit version (x86) and the other for the 64-bit one (x64). Find them here.

The main changes since 1.10 are the support for multi-io VST plug-ins and the new version of the Winamp plug-in. There is also a new Example song from angelus.

Changes in v1.10.1:

  • New release of Winamp plugin with support for Winamp localization languages, 24 and 32bit integer output, saves configuration in Winamp instead of registry and all the features of Psycle 1.10.
  • Number of audio threads configurable in the settings dialog. Value of 0 detects it automatically.
  • Added back the option to save .wav file in the same directory than .psy file.
  • New note duplicator machine that allows keyboard splitting.
  • Implementation of Multi-io audio. Support for multi-pin VST machines (Find the option in the wire dialog).
  • pitch wheel for sequenced MIDI mode (it was already possible in immediate mode).
  • Added save to HKLM registry (all users) and All users directory. Allow configuring relative directories (easier usage from USB drive. Warning: saving settings in .ini files is slow. Need to make a new implementation).
  • Added option to delete the other settings files/registry when selecting one in the settings dialog.
  • Better song duration calculation. Also improved seeking in Winamp plugin.
  • Changes to better catch unhandled exceptions.
  • Changes in new machine dialog for better usage in smaller screens. Also option to recreate cache in the configuration menu.
  • Internal source code changes to have multiple "Global" classes and separation of plugin cache classes (This eases the development of the Winamp plugin).
  • Change in mouse tweaking, now reaching the end and moving back is easier.
  • Fixes in the configuration of VST bit bridging.
  • Add new track in pattern now shifts the names correctly.
  • Fixed crash in Mixer machine when tweaking a non-valid send.
  • Special keys dialog in the configuration was not working.
  • Fixed increased CPU usage in machine view.
  • Fixed creation of a new sampler machine each time load, edit or wave edit buttons where pushed.
  • Fixed saving .fxb and .fxp using the "Save Preset" for VSTs.
  • Fix for CPU clock calculation on P4 and similar. This affected especially the MIDI synchronization code.
  • Fix crash after opening and closing a VST machine and receiving an Automation (f.ex: with FreeAmp 2.5).
  • Fix on plucked string where two instances caused wrong sound.
  • Fix where settings could be loaded from one place, and saved to a different one.
  • Fix in sking (theme) loading and saving.
  • Fix in the plugin cache (now keeps the letter-case of the plugin DLL). This fixes FabFilter plugins.
  • Compatibility improvements for older songs made with arguru synth/bass plugins.
  • Other smaller fixes and changes.


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