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Psycle v1.8.5 now available


Version 1.8.5 of Psycle is now available. The main new features are a new VST Host, a New Mixer, much faster application start/plugin check, wave in machine, new render to wav dialog with dither and plus lots of other small additions. There are also new tutorial songs included that demonstrate some of the features. Here is a detailed list of what's new:

v1.8.5 RC:

  • Finished the re-implementation of the VSTHost. (Internal and UI).
  • Extended and finished the Mixer machine. 12ins 12sends/returns, with routing abilities.
  • Improved Sampulse partially, can load instruments and be used in a song (Still incomplete).
  • Improvements in the new Interpolate Curve Dialog.
  • Changes in the Sequencer toolbar. Now it can show names of patterns and change them.
  • Improvements in source code (partially from 1.9 alpha).
  • Several new native plugins (most developed during the 1.9 alpha period). Total number is now 70.
  • Wave In machine that allows input from external sources. Only works with directsound and ASIO for now.
  • Sinc interpolation for sampler. Should offer better quality, but it's quite slower.
  • "Record to clipboard" added to the Record to Wave dialog box.
  • Blocks in patterns can be moved by dragging them, as well as via popup menu (Use Ctrl key for copy).
  • Volume, panning and portamento commands for VST's ( volume does channel aftertouch for now ).
  • Yannis MIDI native plugin nearly usable now (doesn't sync too well if used in a pattern).
  • Fixes in several native plugins (Arguru synth, ayeternal delay, ...).
  • Bug fixes and other smaller additions.

v1.8.3 beta2/beta3:

  • Fixed some problems when connecting machines which appeared after moving a wire.
  • Port of Wave Renderer from Psycle 1.9, with support for dithering.
  • Crash prevention when loading damaged files.
  • Added a special keys dialog to use some keys which can't be set using the standard box.
  • Bug fixes and Improvements in the VSTHost ( OpenFileDialog, GetTimeInfo, Shell Plugins).
  • .fxb and .fxp loading and saving routines are done. Pending the UI changes to use them.
  • Improved a bit the Song Properties dialog and the New Machine Dialog.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

v1.8.3 beta1:

  • Incomplete (but functional) new VST Host based partially on Hermann Seib vsthost. UI part still from old one.
  • Port of Sampulse and module importing code from Psycle 1.9 sources.
  • Port of Mixer machine from Psycle 1.9 sources.
  • Fixed keyboard configuration save code.
  • Ported spectrum analyzer (in the wire dialog) from Psycle 1.9.
  • Fixed bug in exchange function of the Gear Rack dialog.
  • Some miscellaneous small changes.


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