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Raising Jake Studios updates DRP2a Dynamic Range Processor to mkII - new controls and features

Raising Jake Studios

Raising Jake Studios has released DRP2a mkII, an updated version of the DRP2a plugin offering two new controls, new presets, "mouse over" digital readouts of rotary control parameters and new automation lane data.

The DRP2a mkII plugin is an emulation of the hardware unit manufactured by Rocksonics Professional Audio in the mid 1990s - with many bonus features only available in the plugin.

DRP2a is a "Swiss Army Knife" of dynamics processors capable of a multitude of functions - all within one little plugin interface including:

  • dynamics compression.
  • dynamics expansion.
  • soft noise gating.
  • limiting.
  • clipping.
  • de-essing.
  • ducking.
  • pumping and MORE.

DRP2a uses multiple layers of program-dependent RMS level detectors for smooth, low distortion "musical" results while being very simple to set up and operate. A single Threshold control sets the point at which compression and gating occur making it extremely fast to set up on guitars, vocals, bass, etc.

The DRP2a plugin offers the same time constants and controls as the original hardware unit including Ratio - which ranges from 10:1 compression to 1:1.9 expansion - Threshold, Makeup Gain and Release speed. An Expander Gate control allows the selection of two different downward expansion ratios for the soft expander noise gate.

The plugin offers additional features not found in the original hardware unit including:

  • Internal/External Side Chain input with variable high pass filter.
  • Switchable Look Ahead.
  • Variable De-Essing emphasis control for the side chain.
  • Oversampled output Clipper/Limiter with variable threshold.
  • Wet/Dry Mix control.

DRP2a automatically switches code for mono or stereo tracks to minimize CPU load making it an ideal compressor/gate and dynamic FX processor for mixing.

DRP2a is a 64-bit plugin available as VST2, VST3 and AAX for PC and VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats formats for Mac OS 10.7+ including OS Catalina. A free demo can be downloaded from the RJ Studios website.

Price: $39.95.



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