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Reflex Acoustics releases free Spectrum Analyzer plugin

Reflex Acoustics

Reflex Acoustics has released the Reflex Spectrum Analyzer plugin.

From the company:

Traditional FFT-based spectrum analyzers tend to place most of the frequency information above 10kHz, in the very upper octave of the ten that are audible to humans. This can result in poor resolution in the bass region, where mixing engineers are often more focused.

Under the hood, the Reflex Spectrum Analyzer employs a multiband configuration with four distinct sample rates, in order to measure frequency information in a more usable distribution across the audible range, achieving 0.7Hz bin spacing in the low end.

The design allows us to use around 300ms of signal history to distinguish bass frequencies, while still giving the high end an almost instantaneous response.


  • 132 log-spaced frequency bands with semitone spacing from 10Hz to 20kHz.
  • 90dB range.
  • Adjustable smoothing across frequency and time.
  • Left-Right and Mid-Side stereo modes.
  • Short-term (i.e. 3-second) LUFS display.
  • Adjustable spectrum tilt (0, 3dB or 4.5dB per octave).
  • Peak frequencies displayed on a chromatic scale (calculated without tilt).
  • Adjustable GUI size (S, M & L buttons).
  • Click/drag over the spectrum display to audition specific frequencies (vertical position controls filter width).
  • Connect a second signal via sidechain input to compare spectra (if using the AU format of the plugin, also click "Sidechain Compare").
  • Supports common sample rates from 44.1 to 384kHz.

Price: Free with checkout at reflex-acoustics.com



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