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Sample Magic release 'Deep & Dark Patches 2', 'Ableton Synth Instruments' and 'Future Trap and Footwork'

Sample Magic

Sample Magic have released Deep & Dark Patches 2, Ableton Synth Instruments and Future Trap and Footwork.

Deep & Dark Patches 2 (£14.90) is SM101's return with a second volume of analogue-inspired sounds for techno and house producers. From sprawling and slow burning to powerful and peak-time, Deep & Dark Patches 2 is designed to serve up a collection of complex leads, deep chords, epic arpeggios, subtle synths and classic key sounds inspired by the likes of Innervisions, Kompakt and Mobilee.

Exploring the emotive reaches of house and techno, Sample Magic has endeavored to put Sylenth through its paces to hand-craft a selection of hardware-inspired sounds spanning the ominous and atmospheric to epic and euphoric. Packed with arpeggios, baselines, leads, pads and chords, Deep & Dark Patches 2 is intended to put analogue-style sounds at a user's fingertips.

In total, the collection contains 110 Sylenth patches, plus a selection of key-labeled chords, keys, leads and pad MIDI patterns ready to drop into a project.

Download contains: 110 x Sylenth patches; 53 x MIDI files.

Ableton Synth Instruments (£14.90) is the latest in Sample Magic's Ableton Instruments series, with the focus on leads, arpeggios, chords and pads. Built from scratch with Ableton's native Analog and Operator synths - alongside custom-built processing chains - the pack contains 10 diverse synth instruments designed to suit all electronic music genres.

Each rack contains eight macros, covering everything from oscillator blending and envelope shaping through to complex signal chains containing reverb, delays and distortion. The macros have all been designed to work together to offer maximum sound shaping potential and creative freedom to get truly unique melodic sounds.

What's Inside:

  • Additive Waves > This instrument is built around two custom additive waves in Ableton's Operator. Added FM modulation and a 4-bit Filter offers huge potential for morphing leads, FX and basses. Further processing with Amp Simulation, Sample Rate reduction and Filtering offer more sound sculpting options.
  • Arpeggio Synth > With a Sub Oscillator, Saw Wave and Octave Up parameters to play with - alongside FM Modulation and Filtering - a user can sculpt a sound as well as controlling arpeggio patterns, rates and note lengths.
  • Classic Poly > An ode to the classic analogue poly synths of yesteryear. Intuitively blend Saw and Square Waves as well as add Octave Up for added weight. There's a 12dB Low Pass Filter for smooth and characterful filtering as well as Noise control added to add some grit and warmth to the oscillators. With the Detune and Modulation controls a user can mimic hardware oscillator instability as well as Modulation FX from a chorus unit.
  • FM Synth > Operator FM is controlled with oscillator volume for the 3 operators and also FM tone control. With modulation a user can create soft and beautifully morphing melodies or harsh and gritty leads. Extra sculpting comes from a wave shaper of erring wave folding style modulation of the waveform as well as stereo and modulation control and dimension expansion to allow a user to place the sound in a mix.
  • Lush Synth Strings > Using Ableton's Tension physical modelling synth Sample Magic has modelled the complexities of a plucked string sound. With control over the impact (how hard the string is struck/plucked) they can create delicate soft notes or harder, thicker string sounds. There is delay, reverb, FX modulation - to create ethereal ambient plucks or gritty ringing strings.
  • Major 10 Lead > Adding a second oscillator tuned up a major 10th (major 3rd up an octave) Sample Magic recreated one of the classic lead sounds - but with the addition of a Sub and Fifth Oscillators for full chord stabs. Detune, Filter and multiple FX parameters offer incisive sound control.
  • Pad Designer > A mix of Waveform Level control alongside FM and Unison/Detune FX are designed to make it easy to craft full and lush pads in no time. Multiple Envelope controls, Filter Tone and Amplitude Modulation deliver more shaping and movement possibilities.
  • Pad Designer FX > Designed specifically to add another dimension to the Pad Designer synth - although not restricted to it - the Pad Designer FX adds High Pass Filter, Panel, Tonal Shaping, Noise, and FX parameters alongside two stages of Distortion.
  • Supersaw Pad > Fat, stacked, rich and warm: the Supersaw Pad is a quick way to add fat and wide synths into a mix. FX, Filtering, Noise and Detune controls offer instant shaping possibilities to help the pads.
  • Supersaw Stabs > Huge sounds are a breeze with Supersaw Stabs. Basses, leads and chord hits are crafted with ease thanks to Detune, Octave Select and Filter controls. The Attack parameter adds a pitch envelope to deliver a sharp transient smack to the front of each note.

Please note: Ableton Live 9 Suite is needed to use this product. Download contains: 10 x Ableton Synth Instruments.

Future Trap & Footwork (£34.90) is a 1.3GB collection of boundary-breaking loops, MIDI, hits and kits meshing Chicago juke, footwork and ghetto house with trap, D&B and hip-hop. With frenetic beats and breaks, blessed out and funk-injected melodics, on-point pitched vocals, analogue FX and hundreds of raw machine-sourced drum hits, Future Trap & Footwork is intended to be essential for underground and future-thinking producers.

Inspired by Chicago innovators such as DJ Rashad and DJ Roc through to contemporary innovators Flying Lotus and Machinedrum, Sample Magic delved deep into the underground, pulling influence from a myriad of genres to craft a collection of trap and footwork tools spanning 115 through to 160bpm.

What's Inside:

  • Drum Loops > Intricate and eclectic drum rhythms pulling in classic 909/707 rhythm box beats, live rhythms, tribal perks and crunchy MPC grooves. All beats served with stripped stems as standard.
  • Drum Breaks > Break-neck rhythms and furious beatdowns: driving and dirty breaks at 115, 140 and 160bpm.
  • Bass Loops > Fat analogue basses for serious low-end response, melodic runs, filtered low-freqs and dirty subs. MIDI versions offered as standard.
  • Synth Loops > Atmospheric progressions, filtered chords, bright percussive leads, soulful keys and unique arpeggios: scores of key-labeled melodics in audio and MIDI format.
  • Music Loops > 40+ folders of full-melodic song-starters. Each key-labled and tempo-synced folder contains a ready-to-rock full mix plus all constituent stems (synths, basses, keys, vocals) broken out for full arrangement flexibility. All melodic loops are offered in MIDI format for more creative control.
  • Vocal Loops > Tempo-synced pitched and chopped vox to drop in the mix. All key-labeled for convenience.
  • FX & FX Loops > Heavily processed synth FX layers and beds (key-labeled) and choice cache of functional rises, one-shots FX and circuit modulations.
  • One-Shots > Fat drum hits from the hardware realm: kicks, hats, claps, snares and perks MPC'd to the max. Bundled with a choice selection of hardware synth shots - again key-labeled throughout. Bundled with 5 custom drum kits and a all-in-one synth sampler instrument.

Download contains: 751 x 24-bit Wav files; 568 x Apple Loops; 568 x Rex2 files; 244 x MIDI files; 5 x custom drum kits for Maschine 2, NN-XT, Ableton Drum Rack, Battery and EXS24; 7 x sampler patches for Kontakt, NN-XT, Ableton Drum Rack and EXS24.



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