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SKnote announces TCH (Total CHannel) - Lightweight Channel Tool (Mac beta available)


SKnote has announced the availability of TCH (Total CHannel), a simple yet powerful set of tools for mixing, in a plugin.

SKnote describes it as a modern concept (no emulation) with direct control on a few basic parameters. Conceived to be used on tracks or groups in a DAW's mixer.


  • High-pass filter.
  • Tilt filter (with Dynamic option).
  • Low-pass filter (with Dynamic option).
  • Harmonics section with direct control on amount and frequency range for 2nd and 3rd harmonic.
  • Envelope control (no thresholds). Tame or enhance the attacks, dry-out or extend the tails/ambience.
  • The Dynamic option engages the relevant mode for the Tilt and the Low-pass filters, making them more transparent and natural.
  • One instance can be inserted on each track or group to control the whole mix.
  • A simple Bypass-All button makes comparisons easy by disabling/enabling all the instances at once.

Pricing & Availability

TCH is currently available as a public beta for Mac VST3/AU on the product's page here (VST/AU/AAX-DSP for Windows and Mac OS X systems will be available soon).

TCH has an MSRP of $39.99 but is currently offered with pre-buy option price of $29.99 (valid until all the other formats are released in a few days).



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