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sonible releases smart:EQ+, proximity:EQ+ and entropy:EQ+ for Mac and Windows


sonible has launched its EQ+ series which they say introduces a new approach to EQing.

sonible say "The EQ+ plug-in series combines creative engineering with the innovative potential of the digital domain. The three high-quality linear-phase equalizers each contain a special feature that exceeds the usual functionality of an EQ."

Automatic spectral balancing with the intelligent smart:EQ+

Its ability to learn makes the smart:EQ+ a quick and reliable tool, especially when sound editing under time pressure. As a self-learning equalizer, the smart:EQ+ has intelligent filters that automatically analyze audio material, identify spectral imbalances, and suggest a custom-made filter curve within seconds. Used vice versa it can strengthen and highlight the individual character of particular instruments. The smart:EQ+ comes with speech and music modes.

Control your room acoustics and proximity to your sound source with proximity:EQ+

The proximity:EQ+ distinguishes direct sound from echoes and can be added on at any frequency range. This makes it possible to seamlessly manipulate room acoustics even after recording is complete, accentuating the contours of some sounds while de-emphasizing and making others fade into the background. Less-than-ideal room acoustics can thus be balanced even in finished recordings. The proximity:EQ+ is not only a practical tool for sound editing – it is a powerful plug-in for any sound designer.

Edit harmonic and inharmonic components frequency-selectively with entropy:EQ+

The entropy:EQ+ has the capacity to differentiate between harmonic and inharmonic sound portions, substantially simplifying things like the post-production of transients. Frequency-selective manipulation makes it possible to only edit the strokes of individual instruments within a track. This functionality works miracles not only with complex instrumental tracks but also with recordings of human voices: consonants can be raised in an instant, considerably improving the intelligibility of speech in both vocal recordings and interviews.

The core of the three equalizer concepts is also available within sonible's frei:raum plug-in. Compared to frei:raum the EQ+ series increases flexibility, saves CPU, and allows the three specialized tools to be used separately.

Price: € 129,- each.



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