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Sonicbytes releases Phrazor Preview #5


Sonicbytes has released Preview #5 of Phrazor, which completes MIDI Editing, introduces the Drumgrid editor, improves Live features and presents the final default GUI.


  • Completely reworked Manual and updated tutorials.
  • New Default Skin.
  • Realtime quantize while recording.
  • Pianoroll audition while editing.
  • Drumgrid editor.
  • Flexible Drummap.
  • GUI provides font styles.
  • Demo Clips, GM Track Templates, Grooves.
  • GUI Development Kit with Manual available for free.
  • Optional highlighting of notes regarding velocity.
  • Ghost notes in Pianoroll/Drumgrid.
  • Optional default project.
  • Template Tracks.
  • Recallable Tempo.
  • Play Lock for simultaneous Clip playback.
  • Optional recall moment for Remote States.
  • Make Default option for Remote States.
  • More realistic display of the Pianoroll.
  • Drag and Drop to Phrazor.
  • Intelligent quick load via Browser.
  • Improved display and editing of velocity and controller events.
  • Improved Edit menu in Clipeditor.
  • Channel Lock option in Pianoroll/Drumgrid.
  • Track individual Clip mode.
  • Plugin list is stored externally - avoids plugin-rescan.
  • Improved loading time for Projects, Tracks, Slots and Plugins.
  • Tool bar in Clipeditor with several editing and composing tools.
  • Merged Midi import.
  • New option 'Disable SYNC on startup'.
  • Auto-connect on load for effects.
  • Dragging of Slots to Tracks.
  • Clip replace with wheel in Playlist.
  • One click Select all/cut/paste in Clipeditor.


  • Smoother display in Pianoroll.
  • Swapped mouse buttons for velocity editing.
  • Snapshot renamed to 'Global State'.
  • Scene renamed to 'Track State'.
  • Pianoroll renamed to 'Clipedit'.
  • Editor button renamed to 'Plugin'.
  • CLIP is ON by default.
  • Rename now resets filename, new name is proposed on next save.
  • New 'Various' directory group.


  • Master set to 0db when loading older Tracks/Projects.
  • Phrazor now records only to selected Clip.
  • Playlist Loop was not always reloaded correctly.
  • Selected Global-State is now stored in Project files.
  • Text is pre-selected in Rename dialog.
  • Sync Start/Stop in Podium now works.
  • GUI feedback for control sliders and internal VST editor.
  • Hanging notes in SYNC mode when host stops.
  • First notes sometimes dropped in SYNC mode.


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