Sonicbytes has released version 1.0 of Phrazor. The latest development cycle adds numerous features covering all existent and new domains.

Phrazor is available for Windows and functions as a VST Instrument or VST Effect and it is also a fully fledged VST Instrument and Effect Host. It costs €49 ($69) and a demo version with working save/load functions is available.

New features since Preview#6

Starter Kit:

  • 47 tutorials covering all important features.
  • Help pages in about panel.
  • Factory containing 170+ clips and prepared tracks.
  • 3 GTG Synths.
  • Complete Kjaerhus Classic Series bundled.
  • 76 ready to use drummaps.
  • Updated PDF manual (80 pages).


  • Save command for projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips.
  • Lock mechanism for programs and states.
  • Info for projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips.
  • Browser menus for grooves and drummaps.
  • Drag tracks to clips (extracts clips from tracks).
  • Smart tab selection in browser/manager.
  • Save message box when closing Phrazor standalone.
  • Set tempo dialog (doubleclick on BPM).
  • Automap functions for clips and states.
  • Filetype "Clipmap" stores complete remote-assignment-sets.


  • Drag MIDI clips from Phrazor to host or any other application.
  • Multiple files can be dragged to Phrazor (e.g. importing multiple MIDI files at once).
  • Save all clips to folder function.
  • MIDI Export of single or all clips.

Extensive list of changes:


  • Main panel layout reworked.
  • Titlebar shows project filename.
  • Filenames of selected objects displayed in browser/manager.
  • Values displays for all sliders.
  • Alternative time display (hh:mm:ss).
  • Visualization of loading programs.
  • Visualization of the plugin scan process.
  • Mono GUI.
  • Icon for standalone version.

MIDI Engine:

  • Mute/solo for pure MIDI tracks.
  • Output delay for calibrating audio/midi drift.
  • MIDI Sync. Master (sends Clock, Start, Stop, Continue, SPP).
  • MIDI Transport Slave (receives Start, Stop, Continue, SPP).
  • Optional only-tempo host synchronization.
  • Dragging tracks automatically updates MIDI source tracks.
  • Track playmode "Automatic".
  • MIDI Control surface.
  • Thru option for remote-clips.
  • Visualization of pending states.

Audio Engine:

  • Pre/Post fader sends.
  • Thru/Mute send option.
  • Visualization of track groups (linked by sends).
  • Dragging tracks automatically updates send-source and multi-output targets.
  • Reset all mute/solo function .
  • Intelligent "Auto-Connect" in mixer panel.
  • Fade inertia on tracks for smooth mixing.
  • ASIO driver improvements (standalone).
  • Built-in multi-filter component.

MIDI Editing:

  • Visualization of selected ghost notes.
  • Buttons for important functions (selection, clipboard, quantize etc.).
  • Visualization of active notes in keyboard.
  • Auto-scroll option follows cursor.
  • Drummap selection in clipeditor.
  • Automap functions.
  • More edit functions like trim and auto-length.
  • Merge into clip at cursor.


  • Virtual project workspace allows one-click project loading.
  • Projects can be loaded via MIDI song select or program change.
  • Integration in project notes panel.

VST Improvements:

  • Better compatibility (no non-working plugin known).
  • Load VST directly via dialog.
  • Randomize function in parameter panel.
  • Close all editors function.
  • MIDI learn for plugin parameters.
  • Optional "Prog. Change Thru".
  • Take button for faster library building.
  • Drag VST dll's to Phrazor.

Render to WAV:

  • Complete project and loop rendering.
  • Render to track with autonaming.
  • Loops are perfectly trimmed.
  • Rendering up to 384 KHz in 5 different formats.


  • Find and classify files by simple keyword selection.
  • Freely assignable key columns and words.
  • Check-in utility to take up files from other users/pc's.
  • Provides filetypes projects, tracks, slots, programs and clips.


  • Auto-scroll option follows cursor.
  • Buttons for important functions (selection, clipboard, quantize etc.).
  • View selection for playpart parameters (velocity and transpose).
  • Auto selection in playlist.


  • Default cliplength, channel and snap settings.
  • Auto-lock for programs and states.
  • Better keyboard support.
  • Reworked installer, separated vst-dll's and Phrazor folder.
  • Works on Muse Receptor and mobile devices (e.g. usb-sticks).


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