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Sonicbytes EST v1.0.1 released


Sonicbytes EST has been updated to v1.0.1. This update adds new features, which are primarily designed to enable use of EST as an pure instrument in addition to its step-sequencer capabilities. New play-modes transform EST into a 12-layer sampler/synth-combination with potential for creating living, rhythmical instruments and arpeggios. The beat-slicing capabilities have also been improved.

New features:
  • Instrument and Arpeggio mode.
  • Sample to Slot batch conversion (complete directories).
  • Filter Cutoff and Resonance step-inertia for smooth automation.
  • Slot browser in piano-roll and drum-grid.
  • Cool hit-modes for Beat-slicing and Pass-Through-Sample issues.
  • Noise oscillator and Ring modulation mix-mode in the OSC section.
  • Additional LFO waveforms RND and S&H.
  • Extended clipboard commands (copy/cut/paste triggers together with value-rows).
  • Better mouse handling (customizable grid) for automation rows.
  • Many new presets, kits, slots and skins.
  • Reference Manual.


  • Loading of presets outside EST.
  • MIDI in channel is now handled correctly, even if no key-zone is defined.
  • Crash when alternately using ERA and EST.
  • Minor fixes.

Sonicbytes have also announced a collaboration with 7fan and they have released EST-BLOCK:01 which features 4 sample-kits plus various patterns for EST. EST-BLOCK:01 costs 4.99 EUR.


  • Eleven samples, mono and stereo, 16 bits 44 KHz, processed and ready to use.
  • Various patterns ready to put in action and perform in your tracks.
  • Patterns use many of EST features so they will help you to get more from EST.
  • You can use the patterns as a rhythmic basis and customize later the groove with your own sounds, or mix other Kits with other patterns.
  • The pack has a new colour schemes for EST, and other graphic goodies.


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