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sonicLAB releases Cosmosf Saturn5 and 5S


sonicLAB has updated its advanced stochastic synthesiser to version Cosmosƒ Saturn5 and Saturn5S.

New features and improvements:

  • Cosmosƒ Saturn5 offers an impulse noise modeling engine, which lets you compose noise fields with various stochastic functions on multiple layers and time scales.
  • There is also the new convolution engine, where you can choose or import any impulse response file and apply. The meso events will send their signals at stochastically modulated levels to the convolution engine to create a powerful depth of processing.
  • Cosmosƒ Saturn5 offers a new sawtooth oscillator (actually a super sawtooth) with detuning and modulation features has been developed.
  • There is now the LFO terrain mode which operates all the micro / meso event LFO's asynchronously, out of phase and with a complexity impossible to do by other means.
  • The new version offers custom envelope editing with bezier curves, these envelopes can modulate micro/meso event amplitude and filter cutoff destinations, the convolution impulse response envelope and a master envelope responding to the start/stop trigger of Cosmosƒ.
  • Micro and meso event signals are now represented as waveforms at various forms on the main panel. You can switch between different modes easily.
  • Cosmosƒ Saturn 5S comes with an industry standard 1st order and 3rd order Ambisonic encoder, which lets you integrate your sound design to VR, 360 movie sound or game sound productions efficiently and responding to head tracking. It uses ACN ordering and SN3D formatting.
  • You can control easily all the spatial gestures and automate them on your DAW for a precise spatial composition.
  • Cosmosƒ Saturn 5S is fully OSC compatible.
  • All the Cosmosƒ presets are revised.

Cosmosƒ Saturn5 costs 139€, Cosmosƒ Saturn5S costs 159€. Version Saturn5S offers surround sound and OSC control as indicated above. Both versions come in VST, AU and standalone 64-bit formats for OS X and Windows. A fast i7 processor with minimum 4GB RAM is recommended.

You can watch video demonstrations of the new features as well as preset examples:






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