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sonicLAB releases Oceanic software bundle for macOS and Windows


sonicLAB has announced the release of Oceanic for macOS and Windows, saying:

Oceanic is a unique software bundle that captures the essence of the ocean's waves and transforms them into a symphony of additive sound synthesis. At the core of Oceanic lies the application of Gerstner's wave solutions, a time-tested mathematical representation of sea waves. By harnessing the power of these waves, Oceanic crafts audio experiences that are as dynamic and ever-changing as the sea itself.

The Oceanic bundle includes 3 applications:

  1. Oceanic App: A sea-wave simulation powerhouse that generates intricate wave shapes, providing the foundation for the entire bundle.
  2. WaveBot: A wavetable synthesizer that sources its data and modulation from the evolving sea-wave simulations. It's the heart and soul of the Oceanic sound, producing the authentic resonance of sea waves without relying on artificial wavetables.
  3. WaveCC: A MIDI CC generator that derives its modulation data from Oceanic, ensuring the external integration and real-time communication.


  • Oceanic uses Gerstner's trochoidal wave solution for simulating periodic surface gravity waves.
  • 5 periodic trochoidal waves and the superposition of them creates a basic fluid motion of a sea surface, fully controllable with parameters delivering rich variations.
  • Oceanic can use 5 arbitrary probes, surface points, to measure the wave surface height changes. At these points, we do scan the surface wave shape will be scanned horizontally and vertically, to create a 2D waveform data. (micro-time scale).
  • The user can also insert clone points around these probes. These clones will capture the relevant surface data around the center probe to create modulation sources on meso and macro time-scales addressing various synthesis parameters.
  • We can randomize the direction and strength of the surface waves to introduce some weather like phenomena in a continuous change.
  • Building on the legacy with the sonicLAB Bot plugins, the Oceanic bundle elevates the experience. Multiple WaveBot instances can connect to Oceanic app and interpret the same Oceanic parameter space differently, offering a plethora of sonic possibilities.

  • With up to four WaveBot and WaveCC instances communicating with the Oceanic app, the potential for sound design is vast and varied.

Oceanic bundle is available for OS X and Windows platforms. Oceanic is a standalone app, WaveBot is VST3/AU instrument plugin and WaveCC is VST2/AU MIDIfx plugin.

The bundle costs 109 Euros and can be purchased directly here. The launch discount offer is 89 Euros. Owners of sonicLAB Bot plugins can benefit additional discount price of 69 Euros. The discount prices are valid until September 21, 2023.





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