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sonicLAB updates Fundamental to v1.1


sonicLAB has released version 1.1 of their Fundamental synthesiser. The new update offers new MPE live performance features and a seamless performance integration with their Sensel Morph Thunder overlay.

Added features:

  • MPE pressure, X and Y components can be scaled with predefined factors such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 1/3 and 1.2.
  • MPE pressure and Y component input can now be mapped with linear, exponential and logarithmic curves.
  • MIDI Pitch Bend messages can be used to produce continuous glides on oscillator frequencies.
  • MIDI CC31 can be used to control the harmonic ratio value in harmonic distribution mode.

Fixed issues:

  • Old presets which could lead to crashes due to bad parameters values have been revised.
  • External modulation of Fundamental plugin parameters with modulators were leading to crashes on some DAWs.
  • Pan controls were acting inverse.
  • There was a CPU bottle neck on the triangle waveform distribution of GENs.
  • On Logic, the Trig state was turning off when opening the GUI.

Price: 69 Euros as perpetual license or purchase rent to own. It also comes as standalone. An iLOK account is required for authorization. Limited time fully functional demos are available.

The update is free for registered users and they can also benefit from a 10% discount on any Sensel Morph bundle. A coupon will be delivered upon request at sonicLAB.

Sensel has an offer (30% off Fundamental and 10% off Sensel Morph) for people who would like to purchase Fundamental + Sensel Morph bundle.





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