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SonicProjects releases OP-X PRO-3


SonicProjects has announced the release of OP-X PRO-3, a 12-voice semi-modular virtual analog synth based on OP-X PRO-II including all its features and sounds but offering many new and extended features based on requests from users collected in recent years.

The new synth offers:

  • 12 independent voices on separate tunable voice-boards.
  • A newly arranged logically structured interface.
  • Improved audio quality preserving the beloved character.
  • 10 filter types with seamless morphing.
  • 5 envelopes (4 poly, 1 mono).
  • 4 LFOs (3 global, 1 per-voice, so x12).
  • Modulation Matrix offering 5 slots (2 poly, 3 mono).
  • Sample & hold and sampled vibrato.
  • Hard-wired key tracking for pulse width modulation.
  • 2 Oscillators offering Sawtooth, Pulse, Sine and Triangle.
  • DCO or VCO behaviour seamlessly blendable.
  • Sync, X-Mod, Ringmod and Sine-FM.
  • An inside access to the 12 voice boards and linked units.
  • Voice-boards resettable on song start.
  • Reverb and syncable Delay (normal, triolic, dotted).
  • Modulation unit (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Ensemble) adopted from Stringer
  • A new patch browser offering search, favourites and tagging.
  • Arpeggiator offering 32 modes and a new always on digital display.
  • Preset Chords, Chord Hold, 8-Step Sequencer.
  • Switchable off hands-free hold by pedal.
  • Unison offering last, lowest and highest note priority.
  • MIDI Learn now offering one source to multiple destinations.
  • Relative or fetched CC processing for jump-free operation.
  • Pitchbend interval and mode separately settable for up/down.
  • Modwheel modes separately settable.
  • Pitchwheel and Modwheel fully detachable for Matrix mapping.
  • Logically restructured interface and no hidden features.
  • Switchable GUI size offering reality proven sizes.
  • Includes an alphabetic library of 475 famous 80s sounds.
  • Includes 3'000 first class patches with an estimated value of $600.

SonicProjects explains:

The same as its predecessors did since 2006 the synth engine of OP-X PRO-3 exactly clones the inner workings of real voltage controlled polyphonic analog synths of the late 70s and 80s in every tiny detail which includes fully independent separate tunable voices featuring tuning trimpots with a linked voice allocation and autotune unit.

OP-X PRO-3 includes the whole former OP-X PRO-II banks library which has grown over 18 years. OP-X PRO-3 is directly compatible to .opxpreset patches. For own custom .opxbank banks it offers an import function.

Pricing & Availability

Intro Price: €99 (Reg. €119).

Upgrade price from OP-X PRO-II: €35.

Formats and requirements:

  • Mac: AU, VST3, native M1 universal (min macOS 10.15).
  • Windows: VST3 64-bit (min Windows 10).

A non-upgrade license includes OP-X PRO-II, so you get both by purchasing OP-X PRO-3. OP-X PRO-3 doesn't replace OP-X PRO-II, which will be furthermore available for a lower price.

Release Trailer Video: YouTube.com/watch?v=v8JD7dt7_t0



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