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Sound Response releases 'Spaceship Pass-Bys' Sci-Fi Spaceship Sound Effects Sample Pack

Sound Response

Sound Response has released Spaceship Pass-Bys, a spaceship sound effects sample pack containing 240 spacecraft pass-by and fly-by sci-fi sound effects, saying:

From fast and small spaceship fly-bys, medium-sized ones, all the way to the massive cargo cruisers and gigantic mothership pass-by sounds, from bursty and energetic pass-bys to the smooth-sounding gliding ones, these spaceship sound effects for movies, teasers, trailers, games, videos, and other projects with scenes containing futuristic spacecrafts and advanced sci-fi vehicles.

The Spaceship Pass-Bys sound library contains 240 sound effects (1.34GB) in high definition 24-bit/96kHz Stereo WAV format, embedded with metadata for faster workflow, and separated into four categories:

  1. Small Pass-Bys.
  2. Medium Pass-Bys.
  3. Large Pass-Bys.
  4. Source Sounds.

Price: $45 (exc. VAT).



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