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SOUND7 releases Ethereal House volume 1 & Knifonium Rheostat volume 1


SOUND7 has announced the release of Ethereal House volume 1 and Knifonium Rheostat volume 1.

Ethereal House volume 1, £28.95, is described as a genre mashing sample pack providing a unique blend of Techno, Ambient House, Progressive House with flavours of Indie.

This sample pack includes drum loops, full drum kits, synth lines, chord loops, atmosphere, FX, single drum hits, bass and pad loops to synth single shots and includes the corresponding MIDI files for the synth, melody and bass lines.

Inspiration has been drawn from Artists such as Tinlicker, Leaving Laurel, Massane, The Dualz, Fakear and Extrarausch amongst other progressive producers.


There's over 800MB of content here all crafted at a rock steady 120 BPM and produced within SOUND7's all analogue studio at 44kHz / 24-bit and featuring heavy input from:

  • Black Corporation Deckards Dream.
  • Black Corporation Kijimi.
  • Moog Matriarch.
  • Moog DFAM.
  • Moog Mother-32.
  • MFB Synth Pro.
  • Roland Juno-60.
  • Waldorf Blofeld.
  • Elektron Analog Rytm.
  • Elektron Machinedrum.
  • Roland TR-808.

And then processed through an analogue effects room including:

  • Chase Bliss Automatone.
  • Chase Bliss Dark World.
  • Chase Bliss Thermae.
  • Elektron Analog Heat.
  • Empress Reverb.
  • Moog MF-102.
  • Moog Ten Band Graphic Equalizer.
  • Roland Space Echo RE-201.
  • Sherman Filterbank.


  • 91 MIDI Files.
  • 15 x arp loops.
  • 20 x bass loops.
  • 15 x chord loops.
  • 50 x drum hits.
  • 10 x claps.
  • 10 x hats.
  • 10 x kicks.
  • 10 x percussions.
  • 10 x snares.
  • 63 x drum loops inc. 12 full pre-mixed drum loops.
  • 10 x fx loops.
  • 40 x melodic one-shots.
  • 10 x atmospheres.
  • 10 x bass.
  • 20 x chord.
  • 5 x music kits inc. 22 loops.
  • 10 x pad loops.
  • 20 x synth loops.

Audio Demo: SoundCloud.com/sound7seven/ethereal-house-sample-pack-vol-1

Knifonium Rheostat volume 1, £12.95, includes more than 60 Presets for Knifonium.

SOUND7 says:

A preset pack that brings you avant garde, archaeo-futuristic noire breathed into life from a mass of tubes and wires, these presets awaken Jonte Knif's monster with a spark.

Sounds are drawn from experiences with dusty cathode ray tubes, back room cloud chambers, tattered Van der Graaf belts, patinaed scientific instrumentation, bakelite vario-resistors, and the arcane behaviors of raw electricity that the Knifonium is so apt to capture. With a focus on playability, presets walk the line above chaotic disintegration to allow for thoughtful composition and provoking accompaniment that feel controlled and musical while still sounding turbulent and anarchic.

Presets also take advantage of the plugin's unique oscillator spreading, mid/side filtering, feedback cycling, oscillator soaking, ring modulating, and output saturating capabilities, while not relying on effects to generate the heart of each sound.

Expect basses that sound like milling machines vibrating apart, strings that are popping with static, keys that scintillate as they warble, pads that resonate with friction, and timbers that resist taxonomy. They would work in music inspired by Sun Ra or Boards of Canada alike, perhaps a mishap between Cecil Taylor and Jonny Greenwood of dystopian free jazz, bubbling with Victorian steam and antediluvian science, ready under your keys.




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