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SOUND7 releases Cell Biology for Unfiltered Audio Lion Synthesizer


SOUND7 has announced the release of Cell Biology for Unfiltered Audio Lion Synthesizer.

Here's what they say:

A living, breathing synthesizer whose dynamic systems, linked expression networks, and evolved complexity produce emergent properties as if a living cell, Unfiltered Audio's Lion grows, adapts, responds, and balances order and chaos in this pack of over 70 presets for this excellent sounding synthesizer.

The sounds are produced according to principles of information processing in living systems, they are wired to parallel known genetic and metabolic networks, and they are inspired by the mechanics of diverse living behaviours.

These Lion presets sound like a membrane around disorder, binding disarray into intricate structures. You'll find them playable and cooperative within music, but also part unpredictable or changing over time or responsive to stimuli.

With lots of defined macros, mod wheel patching, and other tracked performance dynamics, you can essentially affect the environment of each patch to elicit interesting behaviors or experiment for discovery.

These Lion synth presets also make thoughtful use of the wide array of exotic oscillator types, intricate blending algorithms, self-modifying patching possibilities, ecosystems of evolving effects, experimental modulation capacities, and dizzying diversity of tonal options, helping you discover clades of sound for your own further investigation.

Included are osmotic pads that wander with Brownian motion, inhomeostatic leads which hum with activity, pluripotent plucks that change identity as they develop, epistatic basses of competing tendencies, and self-regulating noises unifying into order.


Price: £12.95.



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