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Musikmesse 2019Spectrasonics releases Omnisphere 2.6


Spectrasonics has released version 2.6 of Omnisphere which adds major new enhancements to Omnisphere's Arpeggiator and dramatically expands the innovative Hardware Synth Integration feature with full support for over 65 Hardware Synths.

The new update more than doubles the number of profiles and adds support for such iconic synths as the Roland Juno-106, Super Jupiter, Alesis Andromeda and the Roland D-50. The v2.6 update adds 600 brand new patches and is free for all registered Omnisphere 2 users.

To update, simply log onto your Spectrasonics user account and click "updates". If you don't already own Omnisphere 2, head to ILIO.com where you can order any Spectrasonics Virtual Instrument with free overnight shipping*. Or head to your favorite Authorized Dealer.

Omnisphere Software 2.6.0e (Version History):

  • New Arpeggiator Features:
    • New Arp Note Patterns (Join, Spread, Stairs Up, Stairs Down + 4 more).
    • New Arp Play Modes (Loop, Chaos, Once).
    • New Arp Octave options.
    • New Arp Step Modifiers: Transpose, Slide, Chords, Hi-Low & Step Dividers.
    • New Arp Latch button.
    • New Arp Functions menu.
    • New dedicated Arp Presets menu.
  • New modulation source: "Bias".
  • New indicator on patch name showing if patch needs to be saved (asterisk after name).
  • Improved resolution of Attack, Decay & Release sliders.
  • Expanded Glide range.
  • Refined Envelope Editor breakpoint editing.
  • Fix for bug in Thriftshop speaker effect.
  • Fix for macOS Mojave GUI and Audio Performance Issues.
  • Fix for User Audio import crash during import of 3 channel WAV files.

Omnisphere Soundsources 2.6.0c (Version History):

  • Adds new Soundsources based on classic Roland D-50 sounds.
  • Adds over 20 New "Analog" Oscillator Wavetables.

Omnisphere Patches 2.6.0c (Version History):

  • Includes 600 brand new Patches. Set the Patch Browser to "All Spectrasonics" and search for "2.6" to display them.
  • Greatly expanded Hardware Synth Integration, adding support for the following models:
    • Roland Juno-106.
    • Roland D-50/PG-1000.
    • Roland Super Jupiter.
    • Alesis Andromeda A6.
    • Behringer Deepmind.
    • Access Virus Indigo 1.
    • Access Virus Indigo 2.
    • Access Virus C.
    • Access Virus TI.
    • DSI/Sequential Pro 2.
    • DSI/Sequential Prophet 08.
    • DSI/Sequential Mopho.
    • Roland JP-8000.
    • Roland JP-8080.
    • Roland Gaia.
    • Roland JD-XA.
    • Roland JD-Xi.
    • Roland SH-201.
    • Nord Wave.
    • Nord Lead 3.
    • Nord Lead 4.
    • Nord Lead A1.
    • Nord Stage 3.
    • Moog Minitaur.
    • Moog Sirin.
    • Korg Minilogue XD.
    • Korg MicroKorg.
    • Korg MicroKorg XL.
    • Korg Radias.
    • Korg MS-20i.
    • Korg MS-2000.
    • Novation Mininova.
    • Yamaha Reface CS.
  • Expanded Arpeggiator Preset library. Dozens of new Presets showcasing the new Arpeggiator features.

Trilian Patches 1.4.9c (Version History):

  • Tagging improvements.


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