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Swar Systems updates Swar Studio to v2.0.1

Swar VST

Swar Systems has updated Swar Studio for Mac OS X and Windows to version 2.0.1.


  • Corrected a bug where undoing a changed loop had no effect.
  • Recording over an existing loop now starts at the exact cursor position (does not snap to beat subdivision).
  • Auditioning a mono audio loop was playing on a single side.
  • Autoquantize and metronome buttons were not highlighted when pressed.
  • Audio tracks were slightly panned to the left.
  • Copy / Paste was working from mouse popup, but not from menu.
  • Track | Import Loop was importing the first loop, but not the next ones.
  • Recording from keyboard on a loop that was stretched was not keeping the proper size.
  • Drag of notes right border on Loop Editor resized to only half the dragged size.
  • Corrected autoscrolling on playback on Loop and Audio editors.
  • Mac: Recording from keyboard was not saved on Mac.
  • Mac: Now also runs on Mac OS 10.5.
  • Mac: Selecting range in Loop or Audio editor was not possible when using (single click) Mac mouse.
  • Win: Setup and program are now signed with a valid Authenticode certificate.


Discussion: Active
17 January 2013 at 9:18pm

I have been using Swar since 2003 just to practice Indian music to. I must say thru it's many inceptions I am quite dissappointed in the overall lack of quality it has... for example, to practice tabla to a sitar in swar shala, all the instruments sound like they were made from a kids toy, the sound quality is lacking. this drives me nuts as I scroll thru the instruments and one sounds worse than the last.... i wish they get better graphics and somehow incorporate true instruments to use... furthermore, when one goes to compose, the loop function does not work nor can you export this as a MIDI file... very buggy/.

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