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Swar Systems updates SwarPlug to v4.0.3

Swar VST

Swar Systems has updated the Windows and macOS versions of SwarPlug to v4.0.3.

Changes in v4.0.3:

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes when changing instruments while playing.
  • Fixed a problem with the BPM of Library loops. This is now also exported when the loop is dragged to the DAW.
  • The dragged loop now contains the number of iterations specified in the DRAG x LOOPS field.
  • By default the control area (green column) is set to a single key and moved to the first notes of the virtual keyboard. This used to cause some loops to stop playing, as it was triggering playback on Keymap rows below the first one.
  • Increased polyphony to 30 voices and ensured steal voices setting is ON, so any new note should always be played.
  • Fixed an issue with Pitch selection in the MPE/Pitch panel.
  • Reduced CPU consumption.

Changes in v 4.0.2:

  • Fixed remaining plugin freezes when opening the editor while playing.
  • Fixed an issue where included loops were not playing. Also now they play for a longer time (more iterations).

Changes in v 4.0.1:

  • Fixed an issue freezing the plugin on certain DAWs when opening the editor while playing.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes asking to change the PBR when opening the editor.
  • Mac Now also runs on Mac OS 10.8.


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