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NAMM 2016Synthogy and Vixano announce Synthogy Ivory II VR


Synthogy LLC and Vixano, Inc., are debuting a new wave in virtual instrument sound, performance, and portability at the NAMM show. Called the Synthogy Ivory II VR, powered by Vixano, this new product comes with a choice of Ivory II packages installed on a dedicated portable high performance platform with built-in professional audio processing and Vixano Mixing.

This product is slated to ship in the first half of 2016, and offers the high quality piano sound professional musicians want, on a robust high performance, compact platform, and priced below $1,500.


  • Synthogy's detailed piano sample sets paired with the Ivory II virtual piano engine.
  • Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos, Italian Grand/American Concert D, or Upright Pianos software.
  • Vixano processing engine ensures supreme performance of 200+ Voices of Polyphony.
  • Small form factor standalone or rack-mountable (2U 1/2 rack) design; small enough to sit nicely on a controller keyboard.
  • MIDI port, 2 XLR in, 2 XLR out, headphone jack, USB, Ethernet, WiFi.
  • Presets for pianos, inputs, mixes, and sessions enable you to power up and play in seconds.
  • Simple front panel interface for access to all presets and major controls, angled upward for prime visibility.
  • Additional full control of Ivory II interface through any Wi-Fi or hardwired Ethernet device such as tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone.
  • Built-in comprehensive Vixano digital mixer for piano, mics, and line inputs for stellar performance.

Synthogy president Joe Ierardi states, "The Synthogy Ivory II VR is a dream come true for me and a lot of musicians. For the first time in our industry the most critically-acclaimed virtual pianos can be played from a compact, road-worthy device at full resolution, with superb performance, and with no sonic compromises. That's an amazing accomplishment, and we're excited to have teamed with Vixano to make that dream a reality."


  • Fully functional standalone digital piano unit with mic/line input.
  • No dropped notes.
  • Saved presets/setups makes changes easy.
  • Built in Vixano Digital Mixer with professional mixing capabilities.
  • Adding more Ivory II pianos on flash drives is fast and easy.
  • Studio quality processing made simple.
  • No high end PC hardware or software to manage.

The Synthogy Ivory II VR, powered by Vixano, can be ordered with any of the piano sets listed below, and additional sets may be added by simply plugging in additional flash drives. All pianos are packaged with the same specifications as the original Ivory II software products for Mac OS X and Windows, with the Ivory II piano DSP engine, and with no loops or compression of any kind.

Synthogy Ivory II VR 2:

  • Ivory II – Grand Pianos. Featuring a greatly expanded sound set with up to 18 velocity layers, and the Ivory II piano DSP engine with Harmonic Resonance Modeling for true Sympathetic String Vibration.
  • Ivory II – American Concert D. Vintage 1951 New York Steinway D/Ivory II – Italian Grand, 10 Foot Concert Grand Piano.
  • Ivory II – Upright Pianos. Classic collection of 4 Vertical Pianos.

Vixano is bringing advanced processing to live performance, with the Synthogy Ivory II VR's flagship design. "The marriage of stellar virtual instrument technology from Synthogy with state of the art systems and processing power from Vixano sets a new performance standard for virtual instruments," added Randy Steck, co-president of Vixano, Inc.

Vixano Technology brings an innovative approach to live performance systems through the use of advanced processing and system design:

  • Extreme processing performance allows a complex system like Ivory II to run in a compact, rugged, embedded platform.
  • Professional quality audio with industry leading preamps and Pro Audio outputs for any situation (26dBu).
  • Fully integrated into the private Vixano Cloud, enabling networked integration and ease of system expansion. Comprehensive, studio quality digital mixing with unlimited busses and expandable effect libraries.
  • A piano with two microphones requires no additional mixer for full performance, and can be changed by powerful presets that control piano settings, input preamp/EQ, and mixer settings.
  • Extremely flexible control through wired and wireless systems using virtually any web interface platform including laptops, desktops, large touch screens, tablets, and phones.
  • A front panel interface for ease of use, enabling presets selection and gain control.

The Ivory II VR will be distributed in North America by ILIO, www.ilio.com, and may be seen and heard at their booth in Hall A, #6724.



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