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Tekky Synths releases THriCe Synth v3.0

Tekky Synths

Tekky Synths has updated THriCe to version 3.0, which adds the "Micro-Random" system.

This new feature brings a new progressive level of randomization that allows to create either slight variations of an existing preset or to go way off the original sound. When used gently, this feature allows good sounding presets on almost every click.

This update brings the free version in line with the Pro version, with a few restrictions.

THriCe Pro 3.0:

  • NEW Micro-Random feature.
  • NEW Progressive level of randomization according to the density slider value: a higher value will apply a more drastic change to the sound.
  • NEW Freeze for Micro-Random button (F4MR): Freezes all parameter values to set the actual sound as a new basis for upcoming randoms.
  • NEW Master filter sync able LFO with a high frequency rate.
  • NEW MIDI learn system implementation with assigned control display:
    1. Right click any knob (no CC assigned: CC? ; or CC value display).
    2. Move hardware controller.
    3. CC learned.
    4. Double right click.
    5. Knob is free of any CC.
  • NEW Parameters name and value Information display screen.
  • NEW GUI and brighter background.
  • NEW Synthetic voice version information (Free version).
  • FIX Bug with sequencers visual feedback.

THriCe Free 3.0:

  • Free version is now the same as the Pro version, with a few restrictions.
  • Synthetic voice tells instrument version when clicking on the info button, as long as no sound is coming out of the synth.

THriCe Pro is available for 65€ as a VSTi for Windows. Upgrade to this new version is free of charge for existing customers.

THriCe in action in this video



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