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u-he update MFM 2 to v2.5 and release Kinesis soundset for Hive 2


u-he has updated MFM2 to version 2.5 and released Kinesis, a new soundset for Hive 2.

The already massive delay unit More Feedback Machine 2 takes a long-awaited leap forward. Most obviously, the original spacey '3D disk' UI has been replaced by a much more practical design. Less obvious is that MFM2 version 2.5 is u-he's first official release to support their open source format CLAP in collaboration with Bitwig (see www.cleveraudio.org), with more planned for this year.


Already in version 2.0:

  • 4 delay lines with independent absolute time or tempo-synced modes.
  • 4 multimode filters: 2× lowpass, bandpass, 2× highpass, bandreject or allpass.
  • Delay routing: preset or user-definable (matrix of 16 bipolar amount knobs).
  • 4 syncable LFOs with 8 waveform options or user definable shape.
  • 2 syncable and loopable multi-stage envelope generator (MSEG) modulation source.
  • 4-slot modulation matrix with depth modulation from a second source.
  • 2 pre-feedback effects: distortion, bit crusher, phaser, frequency shifter, filter.
  • 2 compressors with peak or maximize modes.

New in version 2.5:

  • Redesigned UI focussing on ease of use.
  • Native support for Apple Silicon (M1) CPU, macOS Monterey.
  • CLAP support, improved VST3 support.
  • Input section with transient analysis and balance, lowpass or highpass filter.
  • 'Granular': pitch shifter, syncable to song tempo.
  • 'Diffusor': from audio 'smear' to complex reverbs.
  • Output guard / soft clipper.
  • Preferences and MIDI learn pages.
  • Comprehensive preset browser with tagging and search functions.

MFM 2.5 is a free upgrade for existing users and is available to purchase for $99 for new customers.

u-he has also released Kinesis, a 128-patch soundset for Hive 2 focussing on timbral movement: Organic grooves, evolving sequences and arpeggios as well as shifting ambient pads. According to Sound Author (a.k.a. Bryan Lake), the idea was to create sounds that 'dance around each other' when layered, while purposely avoiding obvious repetition. Most presets react to MIDI velocity, modulation wheel, pitch bend and the XY pads. NKS audio previews are included.

Kinesis is available from u-he for €30.



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