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[UPDATED - New Price] Crysonic releases Spectralive Audio Vitaliser v1.0


Crysonic has released Spectralive, a VST exciter/enhancer which they describe as "the" definitive secret weapon for attaining that professional "commercial" sound. The Spectralive process is a proprietary approach for imparting vitality and warmth to your audio material.

Spectralive uses a considerably different method to achieve its sonically correct, phase-accurate and fresh sound when compared with other products such as enharmonic exciters, enhancers and analog tube simulators. Spectralive does not add any artificial harmonics or overtone content thereby eliminating the inherent hiss introduced by other exciter and enhancer type effects.

Crysonic describe the effect of Spectralive with words such as Vitality, Warmth, Better stereo coherence, Less phase distortion, reduction of frequency masking, extra sparkle, more presence, greatly improved spectral definition and less Harmonic distortion.


  • 32-Bit internal precision.
  • Sampling rates up 192kHz.
  • Variable Vitality mix adjustment.
  • Multiple Intelligent Phase control algorithms.
  • Multiple pure assembly programmed processes.
  • Additional single-band parametric bass filter.
  • High quality global stereo-width correction.
  • 16 Carefully constructed presets usable for Mastering, Mixing, Virtual Analog instruments to a whole variety of Instruments, vocals and music genres.

Spectralive comes as a VST effect for Windows and is currently available for an introductory price of US$24.95 until the 12th of May when it will rise to US$29.95. A demo version is available.



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