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Sony updates Vegas to v6.0a

Sony Creative Software

Sony has quickly released an update to Vegas 6 - v6.0a.

Notable Fixes/Changes:

  • You can now print to HDV tape by choosing Print Video to HDV Tape from the Tools menu. This new wizard supports all currently shipping HDV cameras and deck types.
  • Double-clicking a .veg file now opens the Vegas project instead of nesting the .veg within the current project. If you want to nest a .veg, you can drag it from the Explorer window or choose File > Import > Media and browse to the .veg you want to nest.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented events that are contained completely within other events from being exported when exporting your project as an AAF file.
  • Scripts that have been compiled as .DLL files can now be added to the Scripting menu.
  • If you create a shortcut to a script in the Script Menu folder, you can use the shortcut to call the script and pass an argument to the script. By creating multiple shortcuts with different arguments, you can use the same script for several functions, and each shortcut will appear in the Scripting menu as a separate item.
  • The Resample quality setting on the Audio tab of the Project Properties dialog determines the quality of processing when time-stretching audio events.
  • When you nest Vegas projects, a warning is now displayed if media files or plug-ins from the nested project are not available on your computer.
  • A new setting has been added to the General tab of the Preferences dialog. Select the AAF Export - Use frame unit for audio check box if you want to use frame units for audio tracks when you export your project as an AAF file. When the check box is cleared, audio will be exported as sample units. Selecting the check box will improve compatibility with other applications for project interchange: some applications will not import your project correctly when frame units are used for video and sample units are used for audio. Clear the check box only if your project contains audio only or if you know the application that will import your AAF file supports frame units for video and sample units for audio.
  • If you installed a boxed version of the initial Vegas 6.0 release, the DV video capture tool would time out and become unusable. This has been fixed in version 6.0a.
  • Numerous stability and performance enhancements have been implemented for DeckLink capture, batch capture, timecode-based capture, and print to tape.


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