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VSTKit updated to v0.6 (Cocoa framework for hosting VST3 plug-ins)

Arne Scheffler

VSTKit, the Cocoa framework for hosting VST3 plug-ins, was recently updated to v0.6.

Changes since 0.5.5:

  • Support for compiling with VST SDK 3.1.
  • Add reverse lookup for Modules and Paths from uids.
  • Add Notification to VSTAudioProcessor and VSTEditController for massive value changes.
  • Add Notification to VSTEditController for message posting to the audio processor.
  • New method in VSTEditorWindowController for subclasses to override for custom windows.
  • New method in VSTHostClasses to use a custom host context.
  • VSTPresetBrowserViewController searches for Application VST presets too now.
  • VSTModule will only unload the bundle if no one else has a reference to the bundle.
  • Workaround a bug with CFBundles when they are pointed to by symbolic links.
  • Added more process context information to the VSTKit Test app audio engine.
  • Added IUnitData support (Presets can now be saved for a unit or the complete state).
  • Preset chunk data only loaded if requested.
  • Add parameter finding interface to VSTEditor.
  • Added toolbar to VSTKit Test app plugin windows (Cocoa editors only).
  • Enable Key/Value Binding in VSTEditController.
  • MIDI connection to Event Busses editable in VSTKit Test app.
  • VSTPlugin class has now a dictionary to store arbitrary objects.
  • Audio Device Setup for VSTKit Test app.
  • Effect Chain Window for VSTKit Test App.
  • Code changes for warning free compilation under Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Added property cidString to VSTClassInfo to get the cid as NSString.
  • Added method classInfoForCIDString: to VSTStore.
  • Support dragging plugins out of VSTPluginBrowserViewController if the delegate permits it.
  • Fix a bug in NSDataIBStream::seek when trying to seek to the end of the data.
  • Added loading and saving of plugin chains in VSTKit Test App.
  • Support for IComponentHandler2 in VSTEditController.
  • Added parameter info cache in VSTEditController.
  • Added performance measure code to VSTKit Test App.
  • Added low prio threads for measuring to make speedstep non functional.


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