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vvvv group releases vvvv v4.0 beta 19

vvvv group

vvvv group has released beta 19 of vvvv v4.0.


  • Nodename lists now sorted with nodes of category Value first.
  • Ctrl+m on a patch shows fields to enter moduleinfo (author, description, tags).

Fixed nodes:

  • VideoIn (DShow9) now works for DV cams again.
  • Switch (String Output) evaluates faster
  • Switch (Color Output) evaluates faster.
  • GetSlice (Node) index out of bounce exception fixed.
  • XPath (XML) bug fix.
  • InsertSlice nodes got some fixes. check the help patch of InsertSlice (Color).
  • + (String Spectral) again evaluates correctly.

Changed nodes:

  • UDP (Server) now has additional queue mode: Spread.
  • OSCEncoder (Network) rewritten with hopefully same functionality.
  • OSCDecoder (Network) now takes a spread of addresses.
  • DMX (Artnet Sender) now has the broadcast address configurable with a pin link.
  • Undo (VVVV) has a new pin called Enabled that allows you to disable undo globally.

New nodes:

  • WordWrap (String) wraps given strings according to specified width.
  • Barcode1d (Spreads) creates geometry information for a barcode.

New modules:

  • BeatDetector (Value).
  • FFT4Channels (DShow9 resample).

New effects:

  • SelfAlign.fx.

New girlpower:

  • Music3d.


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