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Wave Arts updates free Convology XT plug-in to v1.24

Wave Arts

Wave Arts has released version 1.24 of Convology XT, the free convolution plug-in developed in collaboration with Impulse Record.

Convology XT comes with 70+ impulse responses, lets the user quickly step through presets, and has tons of IR modification features. Users who want more IRs can purchase any of the 14 IR libraries from Impulse Record with samples of most every reverb DSP, plate, spring, and delay every built.

The list of changes in this version:

  • Added "Mono Input" control. When enabled, this mixes the stereo input to dual mono (i.e. pans everything to center) prior to reverb processing. This avoids the problem of hard panned inputs producing reverb in only one channel, which happens with stereo IRs.
  • Supports user provided images. When loading an impulse response from a WAV file, Convology XT will look in the same directory for a PNG or JPG file with same name and will use that for the image. More specifically, an image name which matches the start of the IR name will be used, so for example "Room.png" would be used as the image for "Room.wav" and "Room Front.wav" and "Room Rear.wav".
  • Supports preset import and export for migrating user presets between machines. These options are found in the Tools menu. Preset export will write your user presets to a file you specify. Preset import will load presets from a file, if name conflicts are found you have the option to replace or keep existing presets.
  • Supports preset rename. Double-clicking on a user preset will open a window where you can enter a new name.
  • Added preference for custom library directory. Convology XT already supports installing libraries to external drives, but the installation path is standardized: "\ProgramData\Impulse Record\Convology XT Libraries" on Windows and "/Library/Application Support/Impulse Record/Convology XT Libraries/" on MacOS. If you want to use a directory of your choosing you can move the libraries from the install directory to your custom directory and specify this custom directory in the preferences (you then need to close and re-open the plug). This feature may be helpful to users who automatically clone drives and hence Convology XT shows multiple copies of the libraries.
  • Fix some preset bugs. Forward slashes are not allowed in preset names and will be converted to underscores. Empty user preset names are not allowed.
  • After registering a library, the current IR is automatically reloaded to remove the "Library not licensed" error without having to manually change presets.
  • In file browser, mouse-over on directory shows a tooltip with the full pathname of the directory.
  • When demo times out, the plug shows timeout message in status display along with helpful tooltips. The plug-in does require registration with a serial that can be obtained for free at the Impulse Record store.
  • Now shows error message if the license file can't be written to disk due to file permissions. This can happen on MacOS after upgrading MacOS.


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