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Wave Arts
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Founded in 1998 by MIT Media Lab Ph.D. Bill Gardner, Wave Arts develops professional audio processing software for a variety of markets.

Our principal products are plug-ins for digital audio workstation software. These provide audio processing functionality needed for mixing, mastering, audio restoration, and sound design. Used by recording studios, television and radio stations, and musicians, our plug-ins combine innovative algorithms with thoughtful user interfaces designed for efficient workflow. Our plug-ins sound great, are easy to use, and don't hog CPU resources. We support our plug-ins with frequent updates to address bugs and compatibility issues, and provide prompt customer support via email.


Products by Wave Arts

Latest reviews of Wave Arts products

Convology XT Complete

Reviewed By Bigfella1971 [all]
March 15th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Is this supposed to be free? Or a free version? It pulls up a nag screen in my DAW and locks up the whole program saying the evaluation period is over? What gives with that?

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TS-2 Tube Saturator

Reviewed By DiBase [all]
May 1st, 2021
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Really liked the Vintage one but as it was crippling the CPU I changed to this version that get's the job done easily.

Thanks to Kvr and Wavearts.

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Tube Saturator Vintage

Reviewed By zakkmylde89 [all]
November 9th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I love using this plugin on my overheads. The saturation it gives cymbals and snare pop is amazing. The downside is if you're not running something with above average processing power then it can cause some serious lagging .

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Tube Saturator Vintage

Reviewed By colobelporridge [all]
May 19th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.05 on Windows

This plugin sounds good, its a flavour i will occasionally go for but there are other saturators i choose more often. Maybe this is the right one for you. I lie the eq a lot.

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Reviewed By digitalboytn [all]
September 17th, 2011
Version reviewed: 5.53 on Windows

If I could only have one plugin,it would be Trackplug...

This has been my "go to" solution for many years now and it is a complete package for any compression or EQ needs...

Like many people,I have a truckload of plugins,but this has one has always been the first call because it always delivers first class results...

It is extremely efficient with a very low CPU load and it has all of the features needed to deal with any dynamics and tone shaping requirements.

Amateurs use FX....Professionals use compressors and EQ's :)

The layout of the interface is very clear and precise and there is immediate access to any function...

There have been many new plugins introduced since this one appeared - many of which are also in my toolbox - but Trackplug just "works" and a mechanic always needs tools that he can rely on...

So many of the plugins out there have boooooooooutiful GUI's and the most sexy features - but they sound really horrible...

Trackplug - along with all of Wave Art's offerings - is a professional solution...

It may not have the glitz and glamour of those plugins with the ultra sexy GUI's,but it's the one that's working behind the scenes to deliver the results and get the job done perfectly - every time...
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TS-2 Tube Saturator

Reviewed By vata44 [all]
April 28th, 2010
Version reviewed: 1.00 on Windows

Okay, so I guess I am one of those who really like that "tube" sound. I have been in love with the free RubyTube for some time now. I have also loved the BlueTubes by Nomad Factory, but I knew some day I would get that tube sound I wanted in full. I must say IMO I have found it and I am VERY happy to be the proud owner of this product. Will everyone like it? Probably not as personal opinion/preference is as varied as species on our planet...

Features are simplistic and that is something that I like... but I feel maybe, just maybe there could have been room for a little more creativity. I don't know what, but people are always surprising me out there and for $100, I would think there might be a small bell or whistle.

Documentaion... I cannot find it if it exists. However it is so straight forward that I doubt it is honestly needed. I like that as well.

Presets are good starting points... I don't know how varied you could get with a plugin like this. A little, a little more, a lot or tons of tubage... ;)

They were very prompt when asking them questions before purchase and I feel as if that is a good representation of what I should expect if I have problems.

Value... like I mentioned, this is "the" sound I have been seeking for my style of music (which is not common at all), so to each your own.

Stability, time will tell.

CPU Hog? Oh yes! 1 plugin was taking 45% of my Intel core 2 duo 2ghz
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MultiDynamics 7

Reviewed By jontornblom [all]
February 16th, 2010
Version reviewed: 5.49 on Mac

Multidynamics 5 is a joy to use.

It has all the features I could want in a multiband dynamics processor.

There are a few options for people wishing to find a multiband dynamics processor, and I seriously looked into as many as I could. After working with many extensively, I can say with confidence that WaveArts' contribution has never left me wanting, or wishing that I had x plugin as well.


-Extremely easy to use. The GUI is laid out in a most efficient manner. It even accomodates different approaches to adjusting the dynamic response of the bands (knobs, dB vs Hz graph, and dB vs dB graph in top right).

-Great sound! Unlike many MB processors, I have actually never ever felt like I needed to fight with this plugin to get what I want. I just dial it in. The first try is usually exactly sounds like what I was expecting.
Even with 6 bands engaged, the sound is clean. Not 100% transparent, but very nice.

-More than enough features. The minimum attack time being greater than 0, and maximum ratio of 50:1 may make people feel as if it could not be used for multiband limiting, but remember that if you set the lookahead to 1 ms, then set your attack to 1 ms, it's essentially a 0ms attack time(not exactly, but it works well enough to use it in this way). It should not be confused with a multiband brickwall limiter, but it is decent for multiband traditional limiting.

-Crossover slope, and knee options are sensible (if predefined) and very handy for finding the sound you are looking for.

-Rock Solid in terms of stability.

-Vintage/Clean mode are both very nice sounding, very useful, and very well suited to the material that I've used them on.

-Expansion is crucial to the versatility of this plugin, and it is present.

-Hi gain and lo gain is actually preferable IMO to makeup gain and maximum gain reduction controls.

-Ability to add/subtract bands. Consequently, functions quite well as a single band compressor. Use two bands to emulate sidechain filtering.

-GUI does not take up much space, but is not cramped or difficult to read.

-Very efficient CPU consumption.


-Lack of a makeup gain may be confusing at first.

-Threshold graph seems a bit clunky.

-Does not feature mid/side decoding/encoding.

Love this plugin. Great sound, very well featured, more than worth the money, simple to use, stable. Drawbacks are minimal and disappear with one to two hours of use. If it incorporated mid/side functionality, I would truly feel spoiled.
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Reviewed By poshook [all]
February 11th, 2008
Version reviewed: 5 on Windows

I own this reverb plugin more than year and use it a lot.
The main reason is its fantastic ER engine. For me this is the best ER engine I have ever heart from VST reverb plugin. If you need to make unhearable depth and surround around any source material then try it and you will be surprised how quiet but efficient it can be.

Decay part of Masterverb algorithms is a little bit weaker than ER. There are Hall and Plate and for me they seems to be less effective and smooth I would expect.

Overal sound of WA Masterverb is warm and musical.

GUI is very nice and very easy to understand. There are a lot of parameters and graphic 3D screen for better and faster workflow. One feature I miss is stereo width and position feature. I hope it will be included in the next version.

There are a lot of useful presets and you can set your starting/default preset (what is still very unique but useful feature).

CPU load of this baby is near to nothing and you can use it offten as insert FX.

Customer support is fast and professional. I have never waited for answer more than few minutes.
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