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WaveDNA updates Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro to v1.4


WaveDNA has updated Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro to v1.4. The latest update includes a number of new community-requested features, improvements, and extended Ableton Live Max for Live support.

New Features:

  • BeatForm Editing:
    • The new BeatForm edit feature lets you draw or paint with clusters of notes directly on the arranger.
  • Arranger Clip Selection:
    • Users of the Max For Live patch for Ableton Live 9 use Liquid Rhythm to edit clips in Live's Session view.
    • As of v1.4, you can also select MIDI clips in Live's Arranger view to bring Liquid Rhythm to your Live environment, allowing you to edit while you arrange.
  • Sample Browser:
    • The Sample Browser is a new tab in the Library that contains customizable paths to the audio samples you have curated.
    • This feature lets you use your own samples with Liquid Rhythm's creative tools.
  • Custom Instrument Type:
    • Custom Instrument Type is a new addition to Liquid Rhythm v1.4, benefiting users of the Max For Live patch.
    • Liquid Rhythm provides suggestions for commonly occurring rhythm patterns for the type of track you have selected, such as Kick, Snare, or Hi Hat.
    • With the Custom Instrument Type feature, you can show patterns specific to the Instrument Type you selected for that track.
    • This feature works with not only the Drum Racks in Live, but also with any 3rd party drum sampler.

Major Updates:

  • Clip Selector:
    • The Clip Selector contains shortcuts to clips in your Live session view - Use it to select and edit Live clips in Liquid Rhythm without switching between programs.
    • Selecting a clip in Live loads its contents automatically into Liquid Rhythm's Arranger - To edit on clip exclusively, activate Lock Mode; you are now free to select and edit other clips in Live while keeping Liquid Rhythm focused on a specific clip. When you're ready to edit another clip, double click it from the Clip Selector list or deactivate lock mode.


  • BeatForm Palette now has a right-click menu that lets you populate the BeatForm Sequencer with the first seven BeatForms from the Palette.
  • When creating a custom BeatForm Palette, you can now add a BeatForm to it by right-clicking on the title and selecting one from the dropdown menu.
  • Dragging Track Headers in the Arranger will now cause the canvas to auto-scroll.
  • Updated BarForm List's arrows to match the current theme and style.
  • Can now install the PLugins (AU/RTAS/VST/M4L) through the help menu if you skipped this step during the application install, or if you accidentally deleted them.
  • ... Read about the many more improvements made in v1.4 in the full release notes.


  • Fixed an issue where selecting a row in the instrument table (Kit Builder) when switching to a kit with a smaller number of instruments would cause an error report.
  • File or Folder Chooser from Import/Export MIDI and export Audio would pop-up behind Liquid Rhythm.
  • ... Additional fixes and more information available in the full release notes.

Download a free trial of the latest version of Liquid Rhythm or update your current version on the WaveDNA website.

Watch a demo of the new features in version 1.4 in the following video



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