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WaveDNA updates Liquid Rhythm to Version 1.4.3


WaveDNA has updated Liquid Rhythm to Version 1.4.3, which features a number of improvements and fixes. Most notably, Liquid Rhythm is fully supported on OS X Yosemite, and features a snazzy new single-click installer.

Major Improvements:

  • Compatible with OS X Yosemite.
  • Snazzy new single-click installer for OS X.
  • Fixed OS X GateKeeper's "throw application in trash" error message after install.
  • Changes to Minimum Requirements:
    • Minimum requirements OS X: 10.7.5. and higher (Snow Leopard 10.6.8 is no longer supported.).
    • Minimum requirements Windows: Windows Vista and higher (Windows XP is no longer supported.).


  • Fixed playback issues with longer samples.
  • GUI Client in OS X is now full 64-bit and uses embedded java 1.9.0.
  • OS X plugins now use embedded java 1.9.0 for 64-bit mode.
  • Removed VLC video player and replaced with JavaFX for Windows and OS X.
  • Version 2 Apple Developer code signature for all OS X packages (master build now on Yosemite).
  • Removed popup window with web Windows installer.
  • AMXD (Max For Live) installer now uses Ableton custom library setting on MAC and Windows.
  • Installer will remove old AMXDs from Ableton Library.
  • Uninstaller on Windows will remove AMXD from library.
  • Installer will place AMXD in every Ableton library location and in /Applications/WaveDNA folder.
  • Fixed "My Documents" localization issue on Windows.
  • OS X installer will shut down Ableton, Liquid Rhythm and Audio engine if they are running before installing.

Known Issues and Limitations:

  • (Liquid Rhythm Max for Live Clip mode): Windows users may experience repeated crashes while attempting to load Liquid Rhythm Max patch. Please see this link.
  • Liquid Rhythm Standalone may not launch for Windows 8 users. Right-click on the application and choose "Run as Administrator.".
  • Option-clicking on a pattern to audition it (in the BarForm or BeatForm Maps) will not audition if the BeatWeaver is not open.
  • Liquid Rhythm Max for Live Clip mode: Moving MIDI tracks around in live while Liquid Rhythm is open may cause Live to crash.
  • Liquid Rhythm Max for Live Clip mode: Moving the Liquid Rhythm Max plugin, or any of its Audition plugins around while Liquid Rhythm is open may cause Live to crash.
  • Overdub recording mode is glitchy.
  • Real-time MIDI recording has some lag.
  • Repeatedly pressing Undo during MIDI record can cause Liquid Rhythm to crash.
  • MIDI scripting for some devices (QuNeo, Livid Base) is limited to Liquid Rhythm Standalone mode. We are currently working to add support for other modes.
  • Liquid Rhythm may be unresponsive when computer goes to sleep and wakes.
  • MIDI Mapping track-specific controls (such as volume, solo, mute) can be lost after quitting Liquid Rhythm and relaunching.
  • No automatic software updates or notifications (yet).

Note: To use Liquid Rhythm's Max for Live Clips plugin in Ableton Live 9, update both Live and Max 6 to the latest versions before installing Liquid Rhythm (the Max update must be installed first).



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