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WaveDNA updates Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro to v1.3.3 - Includes new Ableton Push integration


WaveDNA has updated Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro to v1.3.3. The latest update features bug fixes, improvements, and a number of new features, most notably new Ableton Push integration. Previously available as a beta version, MIDI scripting support for Ableton's Push controller allows full control of Liquid Rhythm software from Ableton Push.

New Features in Version 1.3.3

Ableton Push Integration
WaveDNA has programmed a fully functional MIDI script so users can control Liquid Rhythm directly from the Ableton Push. Ready to use within Ableton 9 Max for Live mode of Liquid Rhythm.

  • Click "User Mode" to access direct controls of Liquid Rhythm.
  • Draw in BeatForms and step sequence patterns directly from Push's 64 drum pads.
  • Control groove, swing, and velocity levels using Push's 8 knobs.
  • Full multi menu display provides visual feedback of the editable parameters.
  • Customizable menu that allows the user to alter the arrangement of controls.

For more information, watch a video walkthrough

Kit Editor:

  • You can now create and save your own personalized kits within Liquid Rhythm.
  • Drag & drop prepackaged samples and import your own to create kits.
  • Name and rename your kits, add or remove the sounds within kits, and save them in Liquid Rhythm's library.

Note: Kits can only be created in Standalone mode. When used with Ableton Live, kits will be built using the Drum Rack and saved in Ableton Live's browser.

Clip Selector:

  • Locks clips in Liquid Rhythm to contain a list of recently used clips for quick recall and launching.
  • Locking clips allows for the focus of Liquid Rhythm to remain on a specific clip while continuing to edit others in Ableton.
  • Ability to only remember clips on Drum Rack tracks.
  • Ability to launch clips from the recent or favourite list of the Clip Selector.

Note: Clip Selector is a feature specifically for Liquid Rhythm when integrated with Ableton Live. You need Max for Live to run Liquid Rhythm as a Max for Live Device.


  • In Clip Mode, the default names for clips used to be untitled if the clip had no name. To help find the clip, they now are given the name of the track index and clip index.
  • Dragging a BeatForm from the BeatForm Palette will not show the entire BeatForm and the velocities it will have when dropped. Velocities automatically update based on the accent modifier settings.
  • Dragging a BarForm from the BeatBuilder will now show the BarForm as it is dragged.

Bug Fixes:

  • Hitting the 'x' or red circle on the application title bar for Liquid Rhythm Plugin mode would immediately exit, and leave the plugin on the DAW Host in a bad state. Now hitting the exit button will not exit, and instead direct you to close the Plugin in the HOST, to avoid the corruption.

Beta Features: Scale Chooser

  • Choose to filter MIDI notes by scale. There are 15 different scales available.
  • Allows Liquid Rhythm to be used more effectively on melodic instruments.
  • Allows the interface to constrain the note lanes selected based on the scale chosen.
  • Root notes are highlighted by a green line in the note lane header.

Note: This feature is currently only available in Max for Live Liquid Clips mode.

Download a free trial of the latest version of Liquid Rhythm or update your current version on the WaveDNA website.



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