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Wavelore Instruments releases Pedal Steel Guitar

Wavelore Instruments

Wavelore Instruments has announced the release of its long-awaited Pedal Steel Guitar virtual instrument for Windows XP/Vista, with Mac compatibility to follow later this summer.

The new plugin, powered by the Tascam GVI engine, fuses traditional sampling with cutting edge modeling techniques, allowing users to craft an endless number of realistic-sounding pedal steel phrases in realtime. The VST/RTAS/Standalone instrument ships with a number of virtual amp models and high-quality effects, including delay, chorus and reverb. The included GVI engine's management of pitch and proprietary filtering makes this the first ever library to allow independent bending of discrete pitches on a single MIDI channel.

Pedal Steel Guitar"The pedal steel guitar is a beautiful, expressive instrument, capable of producing a wide variety of textures by using pedals and levers to bend specific notes while others remain static, or even bend in the opposite direction", says president and chief instrument designer Mark Belbin. "That's why we chose to create a true virtual instrument that is completely malleable in sound and style, rather than just a library of pre-recorded licks. This way, users can be truly creative with the instrument, creating the perfect part for an arrangement, as opposed to being stuck with a limited number of licks or loops. It also allows keyboardists to apply their hard-earned technique, emulating the pedal steel in realtime without ever losing sight of their own musical voice."

The instrument uses eight-way round-robin samples per note for natural sounding repetitions, convolution-based amp modeling for flexible tone, and in depth programming for complete control over playing style. Thousands of instrument variations (from the smallest to the largest components of the library) and in-depth editing features provide users with full control over their creative output.

A full-color 44 page PDF user's guide illustrates and explains everything from loading and playing the instruments to advanced editing.

Pedal Steel Guitar is available now on DVD or as a download from www.wavelore.com. MSRP is $299 for the Full Edition, $199 for the Lite Edition.

The Full Edition comes with 8-way round-robin samples for every note recorded, including the same number for each of the two included release sample variations (that's 24 samples per note), as well as 18 amp simulation presets, created from three different amplifiers, and open (natural) harmonics at the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets above every string in 4-way round-robin. Its total size on disk is 2.7 Gigabytes.

The Lite Edition includes 2-way round-robin, 6 amp sim presets, and no harmonics. Its total size is about 700 Megabytes.



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