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Yuri Turov launches Shoom - Synthesizer for iPad


Yuri Turov has released Shoom, a triple-synth playground for iPad.

Shoom includes three identical synthesizers and is capable of playing any pitch in the audible range. It supports scales from common 12-tone equal tempered to xenharmonic and microtonal, as well as free playing. Notes can be played normally or set to infinite sustain via a dedicated toggle.

General features:

  • Three independent synthesizers.
  • 20–20,000 Hz pitch range.
  • Slide freely or snap notes to scale with adjustable glide rate.
  • Set notes to infinite hold via a dedicated toggle.
  • Microtonal and non-octave repeating scales support.
  • MIDI CC control and clock sync.
  • Inter-App Audio, Audiobus 2 support.
  • 60+ bundled presets.
  • Import and export of presets and CC maps.

Synthesizer engine features:

  • Adjustable polyphony, up to 30 voices.
  • Two oscillators with 4 waveforms and PWM, and one noise generator.
  • Oscillator FM cross-modulation.
  • 4 pole (24 dB/octave) resonant low pass filter with overdrive and pitch tracking.
  • 2 variable slope ADSR envelopes for amplitude and filter cutoff.
  • 2 LFOs with 9 waveforms, up to 3 out of 12 simultaneously assignable parameters, trigger and global running modes, fade-in and phase controls.
  • Y axis position as modulation source with up to 3 of 15 simultaneously assignable parameters.
  • Note pan randomizer.
  • Built-in stereo delay and reverb effects.

Price: $5.99 (introductory) in the App Store.




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