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Zynewave updates Podium to v1.89


Zynewave has updated Podium to v1.89.

Changes since v1.87:

  • Holding the Control key while dragging sound files will copy the files to the current project folder.
  • MIDI interface errors are logged on the report page in the interfaces dialog.
  • Fix: MIDI and sound files could not be dragged from plugin editors if the plugin only allowed dragging copies of the files.
  • Fix: The MTC support in release 1.88 caused bounce rendering to crash.
  • Sound and MIDI files can be dragged from external file explorers and plugin editors onto tracks.
  • Double-clicking a track in the mixer opens the track properties dialog. Double-clicking on any of the dials or the gain fader will set focus to the value input field in the properties dialog.
  • Shift+Clicking and dragging a gain fader will fine adjust the gain.
  • Added "send time code (MTC)" option for each enabled MIDI output interface in the interfaces dialog.
  • Podium responds to MIDI machine control (MMC) and MIDI clock start/stop/continue commands received on any enabled MIDI input interface.
  • Fix: Editing notes at the end of a looped section could cause playback to skip during the next loop cycle.


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