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Golden Aset

Synth (Hybrid) Plugin by Artvera

Golden Aset has an average user rating of 4.50 from 6 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Golden Aset

Reviewed By ccDuckett [read all by] on October 21st, 2017
Version reviewed: 2.55 on Windows

For a VSTi dating from over 10 years ago, this still holds up wonderfully well; if you can run 32-bit plugins and have a hankering for evolving, spacey, mystical pads, Golden ASET is perfect, and still worth the $$. Both the GUI and presets show the difference in being both talented and caring about quality- I'd gladly spend money on Vera Kinter's work any time. A point off for being old and limited to 32-bit Windows. Ease of use, support, and documentation all match the level of sight and sound on offer, she is quick to respond and unfailingly helpful and polite.

Reviewed By funkychickendance [read all by] on April 21st, 2006
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by funkychickendance on 21st April 2006.
If you've been intrigued by the family of synths that HG Fortune has developed over the past few years, you're sure to love this one. It's sold by artvera, whose Vera Kinter designed the truly beautiful interface, and whose work as a preset designer has graced a lot of HG Fortune's work.

If you are looking for a synth that can produce inspiring backdrops of sound for movie projects, or pads as underpinnings for ambient pieces, look no further. For $30, it's hard to think of anything else that will do the job as well. With 500+ carefully designed presets and the wonderful 'lazy' button for random resets, you're sure to trip across something that'll fit, in the spectrum from sinister to pastoral.

The themes are outer-spacy, Egyptian, mythological, fantasy-oriented, and named appropriately.

You can get three different GUIs -- gold, bluish, silver -- but the gold one is, for me, the way to go. Museum quality art, and I'm not kidding.

It's incredibly easy to use, and self-explanatory. You'll find time slipping past as you click through presets, trying to decide which to use...how about that? Therapeutic VST-induced meditative states!
Reviewed By audiobot202 [read all by] on March 26th, 2006
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows.
Last edited by audiobot202 on 26th March 2006.
I have been a fan of HG Fortune synths for a long time and when I heard that excellent graphic designer, Vera Kinter, was offering the Golden Aset for sale on her website I was more than intrigued !
Golden Aset is a fantastic sounding softsynth. It excels at swirling, mystical, atmospheric pads. Some of them sound like the sands of the great deserts of ancient Egypt swooshing overhead while others sound remarkably like deep space supernovae exploding into scintillescent shards. If you are looking for an atmospheric softsynth, don't look any further. Get this one !
The GUI is shiny and polished. Vera offers it in three flavour colours so it would be hard not to like any of them. She has designed all of the presets and you get so many to choose from ! The Golden Aset also employs the 'Lazy' button; a great randomisation feature when you are stuck for insspiration.
At such a cheap price there is no reason not to get it and it's very worthwhile being able to support someone like Vera who puts so much effort into her cool graphic designs so that we can enjoy them on our screens.
Definitely a must buy !!!
Reviewed By bluediver [read all by] on January 14th, 2006
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by bluediver on 14th January 2006.
If you want dynamic, swirling pads or soundscapes, with or without rhythms or sequences synced to your host BPM, you'll have a hard time finding a better synth than this. There are a number of synths that excel at this kind of thing, and this one is right up there with the best of them. If you're familiar with H.G. Fortune's synths (Protoplasm, STS-21, Swamp), you'll be right at home with Golden ASET, as it was originally developed by H.G. Fortune as the ASET 2121 MythoSpheric Space Synthesizer.

Golden ASET comes with four 128-soundset banks, for a whopping total of 512 presets, all designed by sound and graphic designer Vera Kinter. These provide a wide selection of pads, soundscapes, and FX, which is what this synth is designed for. (You should look to other synths if you want a lot of bass, lead, and simple sound presets.) The rich, dynamic sounds result from four oscillators (two analog style and two PCM wavesample), two LFO's, Sample & Hold, a vLFO (very low frequency oscillator) which can be used to modulate the LFO's or S&H, two filters (one for each pair of oscillators) each with its own envelope, and programmable pulse width for the square wave. The delay feedback amount can also be modulated by the vLFO, S&H, or LFO1. This is a cool feature which provides for automatic varying of the delay repetitions over time. Also included are the famous H.G. Fortune "lazy" buttons, which allow random selection of various parameters by just pressing a button. Modulation options are extensive, with the LFO's, S&H, and onboard delay syncable to host BPM, and routable to a variety of destinations via a clear, accessible set of GUI controls.

And speaking of the GUI: this one is a work of art. If there were an award for best VSTi GUI, this one would get my vote. It manages to be beautiful and highly functional at the same time. If you've used H.G. Fortune's synths, this GUI will look familiar (with the addition of Egyptian hieroglyphic graphics) because Vera Kinter (who designed the GUI's and many of the presets for the H.G. Fortune synths) designed the GUI. She also has a number of excellent GUI controls available to other developers for free on her website.

For $30, complete with 512 presents and manual, it's a steal.
Reviewed By Blue Wind Project [read all by] on January 2nd, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by system20 on 2nd January 2006.
Well, this is my first review, so please
be patient with my lack of knowledge of synthesizers.

I had bought this synth for Chrsitmas, and
instantly dove right into this wonderfull synth.
well thought out gui and easy to navigate. In
no time I had learned my way around all the
functions, and what did what.

I am not really knowledgeable about all the
different names of controls, and I usually just
wing in, what sounds good, sounds good, and the
Golden Aset sounds good..anybody could easily
program this synth simply by using the " LAZY "
option...then it gets better by just tweaking
a few knobs..and you have some incredible sounds.

The Goldean Aset comes complete with 4
patch/banks to get you started, which will give
you a whopping 400+ sounds, so if programming
patches and banks is not you gig, it'll give
you hours of fantastic sounds which will fit
nicely in any ambient/space music project.

This golden beauty is perfect for
atmospheric and textured ambient music, but
also can ( if you know your way around )
create some lead and rhythmic sounds as well,
which puts the Golden one into a class all in
it's self.

At a price of $30.00, it is truely a
bargain, I would say this would be a welcome
addition to anybody's VSTi folder.
Reviewed By tERMoBLUe [read all by] on October 22nd, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
a wonderful scape'n'atmosynth with a firm variety of shapes...innumerable oscillator- and filtering-modulations reflect the enclosed presets again...this is endless area like and effective sounds which on top of everything lovely still undulate in the panorama...it the possibility exists on most different all parameter (lfo/filter/amp) with each other to nesting take...the principle reminds of the ASET-synth and the structure has a truthful re-reconnaissance value on the part of h.g.fortune...the surface is very considerably excellent again and offers been different skins - the eye finally "listens in" :P ...

this one purchases is completely uncomplicatedly and suitable for the little purse...corresponding payment information let exchange itself on the part of the developer...the contact is exellent and the support is very good...

the syntheshizer is one for all ambient- and drone-freaks must...it makes a heathen jest to play with it around...it simply tries, it is worthwhile - have fun...

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