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Hyperion Synth

Modular Synth Plugin by Wavesequencer Virtual Instruments
Hyperion Synth Hyperion Synth Hyperion Synth Hyperion Synth
Hyperion Synth by Wavesequencer Virtual Instruments is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin and a Standalone Application for macOS and Windows. It functions as an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and a Standalone Application.
System Requirements
Windows 10 - 64-bit - x86
System Requirements
0SX 10.11 - 64-bit - x86 and M1 Silicon
Sample Formats
Loads and/or Saves
AIFF, MP3, OGG, SF2 (SoundFont), sfz, WAV
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Hyperion is a powerful VST3/AU plugin and standalone synthesizer for Windows and Mac which features multiple synthesis types, totally flexible patching, and up to 10 layers of polyphonic sounds with individual key and velocity zones, pitch bend ranges, tuning, arpeggiator and individual per-layer effects.

Modular audio nodes cover classic oscillators with wave-shaping and unison detunes with stereo spreading, wave-sequencing oscillators, 4 operator FM, wave-sequenced FM, a plucked string model, a flute model, sample playback, and sound-fonts (multi-samples).

Hyperion features multiple kinds of filters, distortions and bus effects as well as logic & math nodes for generative patch design.

Patches can have an unlimited number of nodes, and node control inputs can have multiple modulation sources allowing extremely complex modulations.

Auxiliary effect buses allow to send audio between layers, and control data and MIDI notes can also be sent from one layer to another allowing for deep modulation.

The number of sound processing elements is limited only by the available CPU power.

(Hyperion is available to run in trial mode.).

News as of 29th March 2021:

V1.01 Update - adds some UX improvements on patch cable handling including auto disconnect on new audio cable connections, cable snap to pin, and optionally drag and release over pin to attach (as well as original method of drag, release and click over pin).

{See video at top of page}


Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.80 from 5 reviews

Hyperion Synth
Reviewed By J1000
March 29, 2021

It looks promising, but after very little testing none of the presets impressed me. Karplus-strong algorithm is weak, others are standard fare. Many of them are clean sounding, but also very quiet and thin. GUI is well organized, but the weakest point for me was the actual modular part. It wasn't intuitive, more mouse clicks and drags then necessary are needed. Too nerdy and inspiration-blocking. Modules are missing some elementary functions.

This instrument could be great, but at the moment it needs much more improvement, both soundwise and workflow. Comparing it to Falcon, as other user did, is just not fair. It's almost three times more expensive and I may add - rightfully. Falcon is a highly mature and polished instrument, Hyperion is still a alpha-state newbie, no contest there in my opinion.

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Hyperion Synth
Reviewed By PierreG
March 28, 2021

Being a relative newbie to using synthesis in my composition work, I was apprehensive regarding Hyperion's modular approach, which indeed offers a rich environment for developing incredible patches, with my concern being that I'd be overwhelmed and distracted by a steep learning curve. What I've discovered is that the existing library of patches offers immediate inspiration and productivity. Better yet, tweaking these patches has been much friendlier than I'd expected, thus I'm finding great success and satisfaction in tweaking whats' already there, which simultaneously teaches me more about modular design.

Hyperion has been really solid on my very minimal Windows laptop while using it in Waveform 11.5. I'm also surprised how CPU friendly it is with complex patches. I can overwhelm my system with Hyperion's more complex patches, yet I find that I can par them down in those scenarios and still manage to obtain fantastic sound quality, with plenty of complexity to draw from.

I'm more and more enjoying creating generative audio, as well as experimenting with effects, both of which Hyperion facilitates very well. It's a blast building patches with the modules and seeing what comes from my less than fully informed modular design knowledge. So far, Hyperion has been very forgiving of my relative ignorance of modular wiring / design, which further encourages my exploration of it's immense array of capabilities.

Grateful for this amazing instrument, and very much looking forward to Hyperion's continuing evolution.

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Hyperion Synth
Reviewed By diasporah7
March 28, 2021


Had my eye on Tracktion as a company for quite sometime and I really dig how they publish other devs work. They are also very brilliant in their choices to back stuff (Spacecraft, Airwindows, Waverazor).

Hyperion is a 100 headed dragon with no frills. You will get decent results just scratching the surface with no modular skill at all or you can basically get your Cyberpunk 2077 on and nerd out on the routings, capabilities and the sound. OH MY GOD the sound. Thats truly one of its strong points. It screams and is light as feather for less complex patches. I went to buy UVI's Falcon as I was looking for a playground to dig into sound design. Right before I pulled the trigger it was like the angels of Virtual Instrument heaven intervened with a email update from Tracktion that something called "Hyperion" was released. I clicked the link, downloaded the demo, Heard about 15 patches, looked at all the components and instabought. If I had to do a comparison I would say its like Audulus and Plouge bidule had a baby but Waveform was the surrogate mother.

10/10 Does not disappoint! and its only version 1.0, The thought of people supporting this product would warm my heart, because that means faster updates;).

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Hyperion Synth
Reviewed By c0nsilience
March 27, 2021

Immensely powerful with very low CPU usage = a winning combination. Virtual modulars are nothing new. They've been around awhile now. Hyperion is innovative. Polyphony and layers are a game-changer. The interface is intuitive and the sound rivals many hardware synths. I'm completely impressed and this is version 1.0. I cannot wait to see how much more refined and better this awesome synth gets in the future.

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Hyperion Synth
Reviewed By Triptec
March 27, 2021

Modular Synth with lots of possibilities! I am impressed how it sounds while beeing very CPU friendly.
Can't wait to see where this new synth goes with future updates.

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