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Reviewed By J1000 [all]
October 10th, 2021
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

I've just tested v2.0 of this modular synth I didn't know about. I was surprised by the amount of modules it has and their diversity. The sound quality was very good judging by the presets. It looked promising, but when tried to build my own patch, which should be the most fun part, I struck a wall of unfriendly interface. Skeuomorphic graphics should be a thing a past (actually a long time ago) because they burden the sight of user with unecessary graphics. And what's the point of having software that looks exactly like hardware?! When you want to find a knob, module or I/O socket, you're constantly scanning across the sea of same gray circles, nut and bolts, redudant text, just to find/read what you're looking for. Also, when you want to add a new module the menu is located in the top-left part of GUI, not the most friendly location for constant mouse clicking. Every module looks similar, there is no color coding which would be highly useful on top bar of each module, so you can instantly know by the color what's the actual module. The silly background image, rack rails and solostuff logo on each module doesn't help the clutter either. But, that is easily fixable if the developer improves the workflow and makes it fun to experiment with all the modules provided. Until then it's mainly for the people who like to have (another) modular synth in their collection.

Response from S0lo from SoloStuff on October 19th, 2021

Thanks. But I'm afraid you'll be lost then if you try real modular hardware. The whole point of the Skeuomorphism here is to familiarize people with Eurorack hardware. There is a scheme and whole atmosphere there that can be a steep learning curve, so we try to teach you that cheaply before you decide to take the plunge into hardware. Otherwise, we could have just put menus, and plain circles and squares that any school kid can draw and call it a synth. Just have a look at some thing like "Make Noise" or "Doepfer" modules. See if you can figure out the UI there in 10 minutes of so.

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TB Equalizer v4

Reviewed By J1000 [all]
August 18th, 2021
Version reviewed: 4.4.6 on Windows

This is not only my favorite EQ plugin, but also overall the most pleasant (effect) plugin to work with that I ever had. Latest version added the only thing that I've been missing (wasn't anything significant), now is as close to perfect as possible. Only EQ that I use, period.

I recommend this plugin over ANY OTHER equalizer, without a hint of hesitation.

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Hyperion Synth

Reviewed By J1000 [all]
March 29th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

It looks promising, but after very little testing none of the presets impressed me. Karplus-strong algorithm is weak, others are standard fare. Many of them are clean sounding, but also very quiet and thin. GUI is well organized, but the weakest point for me was the actual modular part. It wasn't intuitive, more mouse clicks and drags then necessary are needed. Too nerdy and inspiration-blocking. Modules are missing some elementary functions.

This instrument could be great, but at the moment it needs much more improvement, both soundwise and workflow. Comparing it to Falcon, as other user did, is just not fair. It's almost three times more expensive and I may add - rightfully. Falcon is a highly mature and polished instrument, Hyperion is still a alpha-state newbie, no contest there in my opinion.

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