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Generative Music Mixer Plugin by Intermorphic
No Longer Available

KVR Audio news items relating to Mixtikl

Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to 7.1.828 Apr 2016Intermorphic updates Noatikl for iOS to v2.6.5, Mixtikl for iOS to v6.1.3 and Mixtikl for Android to v6.1.608 Sep 2014Intermorphic releases Mixtikl 6.0 for iOS & Android and updates Noatikl for iOS to 2.5.1513 Jun 2014Intermorphic updates Mixtikl for iOS and Android to v5.3.311 Apr 2013Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v2.1.5 and Mixtikl to v5.2.1019 Nov 2012Intermorphic updates Noatikl (2.1.3), Mixtikl (5.2.8) and Liptikl (1.1.8)19 Oct 2012Intermorphic updates Noatikl (2.0.7), Mixtikl (5.2.6) and Liptikl (1.1.7)01 Oct 2012Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v5.1.1.102 May 2012Intermorphic releases Mixtikl 5.1 Generative Music Mixer for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X17 Apr 2012Intermorphic releases Mixtikl v5.0.1.118 Jan 2012Intermorphic updates Mixtikl ( and Noatikl ( (incl. Mac 64-bit)18 Jul 2011Intermorphic releases Mixtikl 3: Generative Music Lab & Modular Synth for Win, Mac and iOS02 Jun 2011Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.6.0.408 Mar 2011Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.5.0.224 Jan 2011Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.4.0.421 Dec 2010Intermorphic updates Noatikl (, Mixtikl ( and Liptikl ( Nov 2010Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.6.0.7 and Mixtikl to v2.1.0.1829 Jun 2010Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.6.0.5 and Mixtikl to v2.1.0.1620 Apr 2010Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.1.0.1026 Mar 2010Intermorphic updates Noatikl (v1.6.0.3) and Mixtikl (v2.1.0.6) (incl. x64 versions)12 Mar 2010Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.5.1.2 and Mixtikl to v2.0.1.408 Feb 2010Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.0.1.021 Dec 2009Intermorphic releases Mixtikl 2 - Generative Music Mixer09 Dec 2009Intermorphic updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.18, Mixtikl to v1.0.0.7 and Liptikl to v1.0.0.2813 Feb 2009Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v1.0.0.530 Jan 2009Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v1.0.0.423 Jan 2009Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v1.0.0.309 Jan 2009Intermorphic releases Mixtikl v1.0 for Smartphone, Pocket PC, Windows & Mac29 Dec 2008Intermorphic announces Mixtikl and updates Noatikl to v1.5.0.1009 Jun 2008

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