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Sequencer / Multitrack by Steinberg
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Steinberg releases Nuendo 11 - ADM authoring for Dolby Atmos, Netflix Loudness Meter, SuperVision Metering Plug-in Suite, and more09 Dec 2020Steinberg & Celemony announce Cubase and Nuendo updates extending ARA support making perfect vocal comping possible05 Sep 2019Celemony announces that Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo have added ARA2 support26 Jun 2019Steinberg announces Nuendo 10 at GDC20 Mar 2019Steinberg releases free Alto Glockenspiel Essential for HALion and updates Nuendo, Padshop (incl. AAX) and Retrologue 2 (incl. AAX)21 Dec 2018Steinberg updates Nuendo to v8.3.1010 Dec 2018Steinberg updates Nuendo to v8.3 and Video decoder for Avid DNxHD to v2.1.0.511 Oct 2018Steinberg releases Nuendo Live 2 Multitrack Recording Solution20 Sep 2018Steinberg updates Nuendo to v8.2.1020 Jun 2018Steinberg updates Nuendo to v8.216 May 2018Steinberg updates Nuendo to v8.1.1022 Mar 2018Steinberg updates Nuendo 7 to v7.1.4001 Dec 2017Steinberg updates Nuendo to v8.108 Nov 2017Steinberg Nuendo 8 Trial Version Now Available20 Jul 2017Steinberg updates Nuendo to v8.0.15 and releases Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD13 Jul 2017Steinberg releases Nuendo 821 Jun 2017Steinberg updates Nuendo to v7.1.3023 Feb 2017Steinberg announces Nuendo 8 at Game Developers Conference21 Feb 2017Steinberg updates WaveLab to v9.0.30 and Nuendo to v7.1.2028 Oct 2016Nuendo integration with Nokia OZO unveiled at AES Convention30 Sep 2016Steinberg releases Nuendo 725 Jun 2015Steinberg updates Nuendo to v6.5.4023 Feb 2015Steinberg updates Nuendo to v6.5.3517 Nov 2014Steinberg updates Cubase to v7.5.30 & Nuendo to v6.5.3004 Sep 2014Steinberg releases Nuendo 6.522 Jul 2014Steinberg announces Nuendo 6.530 May 2014Steinberg updates Nuendo to v6.0.704 Feb 2014Steinberg ends development of VST 203 Sep 2013Steinberg updates Nuendo to v6.0.5 and Cubase to v7.0.527 Jun 2013Steinberg releases Nuendo 6 (6.0.3 available)09 Apr 2013IOSONO announces collaboration with Steinberg - Surround mixing plug-in Anymix Pro integrated into Nuendo 619 Nov 2012Steinberg announces Nuendo 614 Nov 2012Steinberg Cubase 6.5.4, Cubase Artist 6.5.4 and Nuendo 5.5.5 pre-releases now available13 Sep 2012Steinberg releases Nuendo Live17 Jul 2012Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.5.318 Apr 2012Steinberg moves European sales and distribution of Nuendo to Yamaha Music Europe22 Mar 2012Steinberg announces Nuendo Live - Advanced Live Recording System21 Mar 2012Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.5.226 Jan 2012Steinberg releases Nuendo 5.5.1 Hotfix Update19 Sep 2011Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.5 (incl. full 64-bit support for Mac)02 Aug 2011Steinberg releases Nuendo 5.1.1 Video Engine Update (Video Engine update 1.2.1)15 Apr 2011Steinberg announces VST SDK v3.5 Now Available for Developers14 Feb 2011Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.1.108 Feb 2011Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.114 Oct 2010Steinberg updates Nuendo to v5.0.106 Jul 2010Steinberg launches Nuendo 524 May 2010Steinberg announces Nuendo 5 Tour20 Apr 2010Steinberg ships Nuendo SyncStation Synchronizer Solution14 Jan 2010Steinberg launches VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers (HALion ONE expansion)25 Sep 2009Steinberg releases eLCC successor to Syncrosoft LCC software15 Sep 2009Steinberg updates Nuendo to v4.331 Jul 2009Steinberg announces Nuendo v4.3 update (to be released this month)01 Jul 2009Steinberg updates Nuendo to v4.2.212 Sep 2008Cakewalk announces $99 DAW Synth Upgrade Offer for Dimension Pro and Rapture29 Aug 2008Native Instruments launches 'Komplete Your DAW'03 Jun 2008Steinberg discontinues DTS and Dolby Digital Encoders (+releases final updates)27 Mar 2008Steinberg releases Cubase and Nuendo v4.1.3.853 (hotfix)11 Mar 2008Steinberg updates Cubase and Nuendo to v4.1.205 Feb 2008Virtual Katy reconforming solutions for Nuendo 4 now shipping31 Jan 2008Solid State Logic releases Pro-Convert17 Jan 2008Steinberg Canada announces Nuendo 4 Tour29 Nov 2007Steinberg premieres Nuendo 4 at AES (+Cubase 4.1 sneak preview)05 Oct 2007Cakewalk announces Sonar 7 Crossgrade Pricing05 Oct 2007Steinberg announces Nuendo 424 Sep 2007Steinberg releases Internal Mixing tutorial DVD-ROM series21 Feb 2007Steinberg and Euphonix update Nuendo EuCon to v3.2.207 Feb 2007Cakewalk announces Special Cross-grade Pricing on SONAR 629 Nov 2006Steinberg releases Nuendo v3.2.1.115321 Apr 2006Steinberg commits to development for Mac/Intel19 Jan 2006Steinberg releases Nuendo v3.2.0.112818 Nov 2005Steinberg debuts Nuendo v3.2 at AES07 Oct 2005Steinberg releases Nuendo v3.1.0.93406 Sep 2005Steinberg Unveils Nuendo 3.1 at AES in Barcelona31 May 2005Steinberg updates Nuendo to v3.0.2 build 62224 Mar 2005Nuendo and Cubase v2.2.0.39 pre-release updates available06 Jan 2005Steinberg Nuendo v3.0 now shipping16 Dec 2004Steinberg announces Nuendo 329 Oct 2004Steinberg Cubase & Nuendo v2.2.0.35 released04 Jun 2004Steinberg Cubase SL/SX & Nuendo v2.2 released14 May 2004Steinberg Nuendo updated to v2.1.2.2826 Feb 2004Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.1.26 (OSX) released31 Jan 2004Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.1.25 released21 Jan 2004Steinberg Nuendo v2.1.0.10 & Cubase v2.0.1.10 (Mac) released06 Nov 2003Steinberg Cubase v2.0.1.10 & Nuendo released28 Oct 2003Steinberg Cubase SX v2.0.1 and Nuendo v2.1 released15 Oct 2003Steinberg Nuendo updated to v2.0121 Jul 2003Steinberg Nuendo 2.0 released29 May 2003Steinberg Nuendo v1.6 released23 Jul 2002

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Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 7.5 - adds support for VSL Synchron Brass, Orchestral Tools Miroire and more14 Sep 2021Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 7.3 - adds support for EastWest Opus, OT Tallinn and more11 May 2021Babylonwaves releases Art Conductor 7 - support for 70 additional sample libraries25 Feb 2021Celemony announces extension of Steinberg support for ARA in Cubase and Nuendo09 Sep 2019Steinberg updates VST Connect Pro to v4.0.3.10808 Feb 2017Navi Retlav Studio releases "Impulse Exploration 3" - Creative IR library for Convolution Reverbs26 Feb 2016dezzer music releases "Pure Sound" - Sound Set for Steinberg Mystic05 Nov 2015Navi Retlab Studio releases "Impulse Exploration 2" - IR library for Convolution Reverbs15 Oct 2015dezzer music releases "Level One" - Sound Set for Steinberg Prologue15 Oct 2015Nektar update Panorama Cubase integration to v1.515 Apr 2015arts|UNMUTED releases qb v2.5 - Lemur Controller for Cubase and Nuendo with plugin control & 8-channel mixer07 Oct 2014Steinberg releases "Allen Morgan Signature Drums Volume 2" for Groove Agent ONE16 Oct 2013Steinberg releases "Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol. 1" for Groove Agent ONE18 Apr 2013

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