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Reviewed By IIRs [all]
January 28th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.0.2 on Windows

I make ringtones for a living; therefore I need a reliable General MIDI sound module.

For the last two years I have been using BS-16 full-time (for about 40 hours a week) and it hasn't given me a single problem, let alone crashed!

It is extremely CPU efficient, and the sound quality is good.

It's cross-platform compatibilty allows me to recommend it to our Mac-using programmers, which makes it easier to keep our output consistent. (They haven't reported any stability issues either!)

The gui is unlikely to win any beauty contests, but it gets the job done without getting in the way, and most of the time I don't even need to launch it as the plug does a pretty good job of interpreting sf2 parameters. (this is why I gave it a high score for "presets")

What more can I say? If you need a GM sound module, this one (loaded with a suitable soundfont) is the best I have been able to find, and of course it is not limited to General MIDI, as it is as flexible as your soundfont collection..
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Reviewed By IIRs [all]
October 13th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows

This is a Synthedit creation, which is why it sounds so good... IMO Synthedit oscillators sound better than anything else available at the moment. The architecture is traditional, but comprehensive, and the GUI deserves a medal.
If you want a VA synth, don't waste any money on commercial offerings, just grab this baby and have fun!
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SynC Modular

Reviewed By IIRs [all]
December 10th, 2001
Version reviewed: 2.08.004 on Windows

This software is fantastic value... Provides Reaktor-like interface, but is classier and simpler in concept in several ways (eg.. to add ninth input to eight- way add in Reaktor means deleting module, creating 16-way add, and recabling all 9 sources. In Sync you just right click module, and change input no. from 8 to 9)
Also, editing goes much deeper than in Reaktor; Filters can be opened up and tweaked, or designed from scratch; in fact almost anything is possible if you know the maths!
Unfortunately some important features in Reaktor are missing from Sync; Chiefly the audio inputs, multiple audio outputs, and support for MIDI Clock (although workarounds are possible for the last one)
In my own opinion, if those last three features were added, I would buy Sync in preference to Reaktor even at the same price!
Finally, Sync has a great user support network: I have learnt lots by studying the work of some of the Sync Gurus... 10/10!
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