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Reviewed By MJACau [read all by] on April 25th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I find it strange in this day an age we don't have many good Guitar synthesis plugins, the most accessible ones a very large sample based ones. People seem to be waiting for IK to make MODO Guitar sometime this century. (I'm joking I love MODO Bass).

The SSG7 Interface is not slick and a little goofy, the amp and cab sim are both scratchy and and after thought.

And very little in the way of useable pre-sets. (It's is better off just using it's "DI" sound and going through your favourite virtual amp/cab sim.).

BUT what it does have is what is needed from Guitar sim, the fret board with active notes (not just a piano roll).

Key switches for, mute, powers chords and the like. (Well for Metal anyway).

Side by side with Shreddag3 Serpent (with effects and sims turned off) it can be made to sound similar in it's raw DI sound, if Metal tones are what your after, both before and after the the Amp/cab sim.

I have just come off watching Steve Duda of Serum fame, wishing had he have his his time again use the JUCE dev kit to make his plugins starting off as a non programmer.

I'm amazed with this SSG7 plugin a musician with the JUCE kit can produce something very usable.

I'm just posting this mini review to encourage Major7th to keep develop this plugin further, they are on to something.

I hope it's allowed in the Rules and Guidelines. I have a short unlisted video just showing SSG7 V and Sheddag3 Serpent comparison for the curious just to make a point it's very useable, not as a face off with another (great) product. https://youtu.be/YR32j3Bv5XY

Reviewed By MJACau [read all by] on April 25th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 RC4 on Windows

Vanguard/Slayer < Firebird < Warlock.

This synth is decades of work, so many useable pre-sets. A very useable "randomize" button that can just make good useable pre-sets for you on the fly.

The "filter" is just like on it's big brother Icarus, is perfect for 303 acid warping any sound very easily. It's such joy, FUN is great word to describe this synth.

I still see videos on Youtube about people getting nostalgic about how good Vanguard was back Ze day, and is no longer available. :(.

Warlock is here today, far more polished and useable.

Just get the demo and hit the randomize button and watch a whole afternoon disappear. :).

Reviewed By MJACau [read all by] on April 14th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.3.0 on Windows

I found it really good, it's pretty low on my CPU setup 1% in a mix with the 1.3.0 build.

While my PA Gallien Kruger/Ampeg vsts only hit 4% each, and the awesome monster Audio assault's Duality Bass studio can hit up to 14% depending on load and settings.

Bass deluxe I think it's fantastic sounding Bass and cab simulation, the only thing I think they could add to the plugin is and I agree with what Jamie Mallender said this in his review, the ability to mix both channels together (instead of switching) to have one channel clean and the other channel and a dirty.

Then it would be perfect.

Reviewed By MJACau [read all by] on July 9th, 2020
Version reviewed: 2.01.0 on Windows

This is even fantastic on real Bass guitar to add some cutting Darkglass like tones in your mix.

Reviewed By MJACau [read all by] on June 23rd, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.3.1 on Windows

From what I see Realphones System-Wide works similar to how Sonarworks Reference, ODeus ASIO Link and VB cable work on PC, between the ASIO driver and the direct CPU calls to the operating system. But RP has a lot more audiophile centric features that are needed for mixing.

I have a EGA Nu Audio sound card, Sonarworks demo was constantly fighting with Nahimic driver of my Nu audio card introducing latency for some weird reason.
RP System-Wide has been very hassle free with my setup Nu audio, FL studio, AKG k240m2's. The latency is within a normal range.

I have clear sense an audio engineer has been working on this, the speaker response emulation is awesome. It sounds like bass drum kick is coming from floor and not in your head, some real interesting acoustic modeling going on, it reminds me how Airwindows VST "Monitoring" plugin's 'Cans' settings worked. I found myself very easy just to listening to music without any fatigued at all when using RP. FL studio has no problems with it.

For PC it is a very good headphone monitor emulation system, I've always used headphones. It's exactly what I needed, other people mileage may vary.

Reviewed By MJACau [read all by] on June 23rd, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.2.5 on Windows

For that full Darkglass like distortion to Sheehan like overdriven sounds. I like it very much.

I still like Kuassa's Cerberus for clean, But I like Duality more. So it's just taste.

I would give it 4.5 as the plugin is fairly new and getting updated still.