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OrilRiver [read all reviews]
Reviewed By soma [read all by] on 3rd October 2017
Version reviewed: 2.0.3 on Mac
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When you see the controls it looks like it has just what you need to make a great sound, a great layout and nice feature set. Selectable patterns for ER and Reverb, mix lock, bypassing sections, and a nice 3 Band EQ (although this would sound better on the input since there is modulation).

However, ranges are wide open and not properly scaled, changing times makes clicks, and in general sounds pretty metallic and unnatural but not in an immediately musical way. Thankfully it's free. :)

DtBlkFx [read all reviews]
Reviewed By soma [read all by] on 14th June 2008
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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No reviews so far?!!! Shame on all of you! This is one of the most amazing shape shifting plugins out there. FFT sonic playdoh is what your input becomes.

Very useful for making sound effects especially but also has a utilitairan purpose. Can be used as a simple filter, spectral gate, grabing a certain frequency at a certain volume, etc.
The real fun though is in the smearing of sounds.

I am so glad it is free! It's not something to overuse but can be instant inspiration when you just need to FSU or want a new sound.
Teh developer if I remember correctly came fromt eh Buzz development scene. I can't recall exactly what he made for buzz, perhaps it was the exact same effect?

Theinterface is not so intuitive but once you get it, you will be thankful that it is layed out the way it is. The sliders are for teh frequency range. Some effects are dependant on others, e.g. one effect is teh sidecahin for the other.

DO read teh manual. It is short and concise. Some of the effects you won't figure out on your own. But luckily the manual is well written and short.

Darrell, if you are our there thank you!! We want more!
Metal Mickey [read all reviews]
Reviewed By soma [read all by] on 28th August 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by soma on 29th August 2003.
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I'm hard to please w/ delays and waky effects , but this is one of the coolest delays I've ever used!
The filter grabs just certain drum parts and delays them rhythmicaly to create doubled and shuffled parts with a bit of a fill feel. Not only that but it pitches them around with combs and filters. It can do great tape like spins into delayed dubby goodness too.
I wouldn't recomend this plug as a regular delay for anything like vocals or stabs, but it really execls in anything rhythmic that spans a large frequency (perfect for a whole drum mix!) Looks like the developer will be listening to his users and improving the GUI which has gotten the most complaints thus far and adding new features suggested from user experience. (That's great support!)
I'm giving features a 9 because there aren't too many (that's a good thing) but all have a large impact on the sound.
The review is misleading since some of the catagories are hard to fill out on free plugs like this (Support: kvr forum, documentation: html where you dl; etc)
(Well I can't give anyone 100% praise so... if I had to say something it would be that the Gui is nice but a bit wasteful on space and I'm not a fan of fake sliders but, who cares really because the sound is all that matters)
CPS [read all reviews]
Reviewed By soma [read all by] on 12th August 2003
Version reviewed: ? on Windows.
Last edited by soma on 12th August 2003.
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If you like csound or cycling 74 stuff or reaktor or are interested in mpeg4 standard this is worth a look. Seems to have a creative supportive community so I'll put that for customer support although it's way more valuable. I don't really know what to say about the sound because you can theoreticaly write your own modules and then hook them up any which way you like. If only it had a robust sequencer it would be my weapon of choice.
Take a look.