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Reviewed By RockMaestro [all]
January 27th, 2004
Version reviewed: on Windows

When I want reverb, I think SIR. I’ve practically stopped using any of my other reverb plugins.

SIR is a convoluting reverb. Basically, what happens is someone ‘samples’ a room, or a piece of gear and SIR will apply that tonal response and trail onto other material. So someone makes a reverb ‘impulse’ of a room and SIR will let you put your music in that room.

In addition to simulating rooms, SIR can load impulses of Guitar cabinets, non-linear gear, and other non-reverb things, and it can make your music sound like it’s been through these things. SIR will not produce distortion, so if someone makes an impulse of a guitar amp, it won’t sound distorted, it will merely have the *tonal* response of the amp.

So basically SIR has no sound of it’s own. I put the “Sound” assessment at 10 because I’m judging with my set of impulses.

As for features, it can do most of what I would want it to, although I’d like to see the ability to have negative predelay – basically start the impulse later, so as to cut off predelay in the impulse. Other than that, it’s pretty good for basic applications.

The documentation was enough, but it’s not really a full manual. That said, I didn’t really need one.

It doesn’t come with any presets – there are 2 you can download on the author’s page. Get impulses here http://www.noisevault.com . That’s the best source of real rooms, sampled hardware reverbs, and other gear.

Customer support – well there is none. But it isn’t needed, I’ve had no problems with this plugin. Stability is good, and that’s Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 with DirectiXer 2.5.

VFM – it’s free so it gets 10, no matter what.

It *is* a CPU hog, and it does introduce some latency into the system, but it’s well worth it.

I love this plugin, it’s part of the RockMaestro Cannon of free plugins.
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