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Waves Flow Motion Special Expansion with Intro Discount Available Now

Turquoise for Waves Flow Motion

(Special Intro Discount Available Now)

Waves Flow Motion is an odd beast.
Well, for one, it is an FM synth but sounds nothing like a DX-7 or other well known FM synths.
It has four-oscillators but isn't as fat as a 3 oscillator Moog.
So what is interesting about Flow Motion?

For Starts, it is a Hybrid FM synth combining FM and subtractive synthesis.
The most unique parts of Flow motion is its matrix design and built in snapshot sequencer.

With the snapshot sequencer, you could have 16 variations on an instrument and have them change in tempo, that can be a preset.

Furthermore, each snapshot can include different FX, EQ, tone, oscillators, waveforms, ADSR, etc.

Now, the best part...
All these snapshots can be programmed in a way that FLOWS.

"Turquoise" for Flow Motion

This collection of presets for Flow Motion takes full advantage of these deep capabilities.
We spent considerable time programming these presets which allow for some uniquely musical instruments.

The styles and categories range from glitch, ambient, vintage pads, inspiring Arps, dreamy atmospheres, and a blend of all these things combined.
We also include keys, basses, leads, rhythms, just to round it out.
Included are 83 very deeply programmed presets.

Have a listen

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