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Reviewed By psilop
May 11th, 2021

A rather difficult effect to understand, a new user might find it produces "same-y" sounds. However, after reading the manual, watching videos from Simon Stockhausen and wokring with this plugin for a few years, I have to say that this thing can spit out many different sounds, sounds you'd never hope to come up with. It's a great tool for sound design. It's pointless for me to try to explain what it does here, do try the demo, read the manual and watch Simon Stockhausen's video on how this beast works.

This plugin is not meant for live manipulation, parameter automation or live performance. It's very CPU intense, it's best used for rendering out audio to be then used. A very complex effect that you need to take your time with.

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Reviewed By alexandredesroches
March 5th, 2018

My new favorite reverb of 2018 and my go to plugin for natural ambiance and super-natural spaces!
It's awesome I really like it and the update price was very affordable with the introduction discount and the other additionnal discount for being a "Perfect Storm" customer

Made a review on YouTube for you to see and hear before downloading the trial

I think you will love Breeze 2.0.


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Reviewed By xh3rv
May 6th, 2009

Since there's no review on KVR yet -

This is a versatile reverb that can be used anywhere I've tried to put it in a mix. It's an (adjective)-sounding reverb, capable of a lot of adjectives, and it bridges different uses of reverb - as subtle sonic reinforcement, or reverb as a dramatic effect - more seamlessly than I thought was possible.

While the raw aesthetics of the GUI have been debated on KVR (it's reskinable, anyway . . .), I've not seen anyone critical of how much functionality is packed into it. Stereo shaping, EQ'ing, and other fundamental sound-shaping tools are inside the reverb exactly where they need to be, and the early reflection / late reflection split is easy to follow.

The preset library is quite nice, and is comprehensive in that it covers small/large, subtle/dramatic, crisp/diffuse, etc. - it's reliable, and has solutions. Pro tip: clicking the master gain/mix text lets you lock those while browsing presets, an extremely useful function.

The early reflection 'rooms' are quite clever and very functional - while it seemed a bit gimmicky initially, after some time spent tweaking all over the map, the ER rooms are all unique, and all usable in various configurations of the rest of the reverb.

Haven't turned this thing off after weeks of demo'ing and a few days of having it registered, it's a work-horse and a show-horse.
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