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Reviewed By neytcev
January 31st, 2023

Hey, this plugin works superb as Audio Unit format (AU for Mac)
and it is a great audio tool, delivering lots of phasing possibilities.
I think it has incorporated limiter, probably, coz it keeps the level
after hi-resonance filtering and shaping. Very good one, and free.

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Reviewed By franciscosta
December 8th, 2022

Spectacular sounds, incredibly easy to use and yet very deep. Throw some delay and reverb on some of the presets and this becomes the synth dreams are made of.

Definitely a plugin to be on everyone's arsenal.

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October 14th, 2022

It's useful EDM synth.

Filters are weak point, but the rest is ok.

Better skin will be more inspirational.

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Reviewed By trusampler
October 13th, 2022

Owning a Virus TI2 and Viper, I can fully appreciate what Adam made here, and it just makes me smile, each time I play it. I know for a fact that this sounds like a Virus TI, ever since Adam added support for TI Bank import, it's been wonderful loading them up in Viper and being able to use the Virus sounds the way I always wanted to, without all the shortcomings the hardware offers.

I look forward with each release Adam brings out, as it keeps getting better and making the hardware irrelevant. Thanks Adam.

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Reviewed By Fruitynator
May 23rd, 2022

The last phaser plugin I will ever need. Have been using it for years as I think the sound is fantastic.

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Reviewed By Trader One
December 21st, 2021

Really good sounding super saw wave (JP-8000 like) synth. Its use is situational because you would probably already have another more complex synth with famous super saw wave.

It is cheap and simple. It can do 2x super saw OSC, some filter, basic EQ and delay and 3 LFO for pitch, volume and filter. No 32 step ARP hurts, it would be much more fun with it.

It sounds better then its free competition Surge and Vital, but if you already have one of these $200 top soft synths - Serum, Pigments, Dune, Hive, Ana, .. then there is nothing you can't already do.

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Reviewed By BONES
January 4th, 2021

What an amazing synth! Incredible sound quality and so easy to get great sounds from, this VSTi should be in every Windows users' plugin folder. I have no idea, and even less interest in how good an emulation of the JP8000 it is but I'd be surprised if the Roland hardware had a filter half as good as this one. It's a peach.

You get two SuperSaw oscillators for all that 90s trance goodness, if that's your thing, and the most sublime string pads, which is more my thing, plus a Noise generator. The rich tones of the low-pass resonant filter remind me very much of the excellent Wasp synth that comes built into Synapse Audio's Orion virtual studio, a sound we have struggled to match since moving from Orion a few years ago. Until now. The combination of the Supersaw oscillators and lush resonance allows you to create the fattest basses imaginable.

At first the synth seems a little bare-bones but there is a little button called "MORE", curiously placed in the filter section on the GUI, that opens up a number of extra options, like velocity modulation of filter and amp, as well as an AD envelope for pitch mod, Glide control, oscillator Pan control and an Analog knob, which adds a slight random variation to the pitch of each note to make it sound a bit more like an analogue synth. There are also two effects - a simple EQ and a basic delay, both of which are adequate to the task.

I like the GUI and it is resizable, so you can make it as big or small as you like. The "LED" display shows you parameter values as you move controls and clicking on it displays the preset list. Preset management is very basic, about the same as DUNE, but works well enough. CPU usage is very low for sound quality like this.

I bought this synth last month and it has very quickly become my go-to synth for strings and basslines. It features heavily in the last half-a-dozen projects I've been working on, with multiple instances in several of them, and I can see myself adding it to a lot of older projects, too, wherever I had previously tried to replace a Wasp bassline and probably for a lot of string parts, too. It's quick and easy to patch from scratch and the results are always usable. JP6K is the synth I've been looking for for the last 10 years - great sound with just enough features to make it usable across a number of styles. What's really stupid about it is that for 9 of those 10 years I could have had it, if only I'd known it existed. At 25 Euros, this should be in everyone's synth arsenal.

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Reviewed By eyezermusic
August 4th, 2018

Great synth. Viper clearly emulates hardware (the Virus TI and possibly Virus C) very well, way better than my expectations. I have a weakness for pads and supersaws. With Viper you can make really phat supersaws and pads, by far better than any other soft synth I've tried (and I've tried many...). You can make all kinds of sounds with Viper of course but the two mentioned sounds are in my opinion what makes Viper stand out.

However Viper only gets 4 stars out of 5 from me because there are a few things that are less good with Viper. It's a slower soft synth, particularly loading it up and browsing the presets (the rest functions well). Despite the measurements taken to optimize CPU and the fact that I have a pretty powerful PC, I still get CPU spikes after running a couple of Viper instances in a project. This can of course be bypassed through bouncing, which is what I recommend doing if you plan on using many instances. These mentioned things makes the workflow less comfortable though. Overall, I'd say sound wise it's 10/10. Performance wise 4/5. The GUI is very good and easy to understand because it's well organized. The only thing a little bit confusing with the GUI at times is at the filter section with the F, M and A buttons. The one you click on will get darker and the one not in use is lighter. I personally think it would have been less confusing if it was the opposite. But maybe it's just me :P.

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