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I'm a self-employed software developer with a focus on multimedia. On the university I have studied electrical engineering with specialization in acoustics and software development. My long-term goal is to complete an acoustic measurement suite, which is planned to be released in 2014. However, based on this work I also release some parts of this work related to music as freeware (most even as open source).

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Dual Linkwitz-Riley Filters
Reviewed By durkkooistra
October 17th, 2012

Christian Budde,known for his free VST's and Synth Edit modules has a collection of very interesting plugins much like the one were discussing here today. Small, dedicated to one task and most of them do it well. It's a typical workflow enhancer. The concept is fairly simple. It's both a HP and LP filter. It has two cascaded butterworth filters (ie Linkwitz Riley fitlers) which allows you to effectively control your mix frequency wise.


The big advantage of having dual filters is in the versatility it adds.Your able to use it as a bandpass with great control over the slopes. And most importantly it's simple. It's a small and dedicated plugin; it adds complete control just the way you like it.
The plugin is a great help for a number of things. You can use it to audition groups solo – HP or LP everything and gradually move your way up/down. This way you can exactly hear where your sound starts in the frequency spectrum.

Utilizing the VST in your mix workflow.

Picture coutesy Future Music

Now looking at the info sheet above, we can clearly see how this tool will come in handy. To breath air in your mix, cut away unnecessary frequencies. The tricky part about this method is to keep listening. Don't blindly follow charts. But do realise the sonic potential the gained headroom has in your production.

The plugin has a bypass or on/off switch for the HP and LP. The only downside to this plugin I can think off besides it's fairly dated appearance is the clicks and pops you get when doing fast transitions with the Freq parameter. But, other then that its a wonderful, lightweight tool that's proven to be a great help!
This was the first Freeware Friday! I will do my very best to make this a weekly thing; one freebie a week, with a little info about how I use it. Hope you enjoy the plugin and make sure to leave a comment!

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Reviewed By vata44
January 28th, 2011

Simply put... it is an unmatchable distortion unit. I am one that believes in the subtleness of sounds... the slight variations that add a little ear/brain candy to the mix and this lets me dial in just the right amounts. While for me its still an experiment until i find success plugin... i truly appreciate it.

It seems to have a problem with saving its control state upon loading, so that is annoy cause I have to reprogram it often.

However, I think it is usually worth it. :)

I do not know what this thing does to the sound, but it seems to add distortion in a multiband fashion... however, it never get THICK or CrUnChY... at high doses it tends to become weak.

I don't really think my ears are good enough to know exactly what Aliasing is, but if I had to guess, this probably does a lot of it, because the sounds become "sharp" and almost "square" like at high settings. I never drive things that hard, but unless it is SUPER extreme, it still seems to maintain a musical quality i enjoy.
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Reviewed By shogger
November 26th, 2007

This EQ is the opposite of a colour EQ. It is clean. Cleaner than most other eqs. And that is it what I love it for. It is precise, it can do various things because of the available filters. This is a no blabla package with a tweakable GUI.
It has lots of convenience funtions like numeric value input, reset and even something uber-cool like the swapping of bands. This way you can sort your frequerncies in case you decided later to e.g. add a lower frequency eq on one of the upper bands. This way you can sort your frequencies after equing. Something I wished for a long time in such an eq interface.
All in all a very useful and good sounding eq which is easy to use and is easy on the CPU. And it's free. What more do you want?

OK, more characters are required now. So I will tell you that this eq works for me on all sort of signals. I use it on everything. I use it as my one and only eq. I use it for several months now. Back then when Christian Budde wrote this plugin for a comparisson of int vs. float stuff I thought that this is a very good sounding eq but because Christian said that it should only be used for this exact purpose I refused to get used to it. No fun if you really want something and can't use it. And then Christian was so cool to give it away for free with the funny name "NoNameEQ". And he even made bugfix updates and lately a really cool update with some convenience freatures added.
Really Cool, Christian. Thanx a lot for this great EQ!!!
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Reviewed By abletonian
July 27th, 2007

I like it a lot. Since it is the only free filter vst i know which does such a huge 384 dB/Oct cut.
But it is dangerous! if you twist the knobs when the left and right filters are not synced it will cause terrible subbass noise capable of killing your speakers (didnt happen to me). so you better bypass it and set the desired values and the repower it.
if you dont mind the fact that it can burst your speakers then it is a very usefull tool.

thanks to the developer!!!

the user interface is well designed friendly to the eye and tatally suficient.

the sound is allright to good.

the features are just right.

i had no look at the doc so i leave that out

i didnt check the costumer support

value for money - priceless

stabilty: well it didnt crash once, but the fact that it cann tear your valuable monitors apart gives it a big minus there

"Rubberfilter offers four classic filter modes to cut frequencies with up to 384 dB/Oct. It removes frequencies in any audio signal, while providing an additional creative purpose. Rubberfilter has a controllable filter order of 6 dB/Oct up to 384 dB/Oct. At high filter order levels, a psychoacoustic effect appears which is usually an unwanted sound of zips and sweeps, almost as if there is a tone present at the filter's cut-off frequency. Rubberfilter allows you to use this psychoacoustic effect for creative purposes."

this psycho effect is very usefull. create a synth melo and set the filter to lopass 384 db/oct around 120hz
and you know what i mean ....
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Reviewed By Hypertone
August 30th, 2005

I use this eq for everything. It is the best sounding Eq in my VST folder. It sounds so nice, you can boost the high end and it still sounds silky smooth, you can boost the bass and it doesn't get muddy, it sounds tight and defined. The developer says it emulates a transistorised eq to color the sound, but I find it still sounds very transparent and smooth, it doesn't have that exaggerated sound like some plugins that try to emulate "analog warmth".

This sound quality comes at a price. Poshifopit can use up some CPU, but it's really not bad for the sound you get. I took me a while to realize you can disable individual bands, that will help some.

Poshifopit lacks the dials and sliders of most software eqs. It seems most of the innovative plugin developers are breaking free from a "looks like hardware" interface. Personally I think this is a move in the right direction. I find poshifopit easier and faster to use. I absolutely love the gui. Instead of knobs, Poshifopit has one "point" per band on a horizontal line. You drag the point up and down to adjust the level, and left and right to adjust frequency. Right clicking the point changes filter type. You can adjust Q by alt clicking over the point and moving the mouse up or down. This interface allows you to adjust frequency and level in one step very quickly.

The original skin is pretty ugly, but there are other skins included. I use the Fruity Loops skin and it looks great.

This is the best soft eq I have heard. I have not heard any of the really expensive ones, but I wouldn't be suprised if Poshifopit is as good or better than the high end eqs. The best part is the price, it's totally free! I highly recommend trying this one!!
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